What Are The Advantages Of A GPS Tracker In Fleet Management?

What Are The Advantages Of A GPS Tracker In Fleet Management?


What is the fleet management?

Fleet management refers to the operation and management activities of the enterprise fleet. An enterprise fleet refers to an enterprise organization that uses vehicles as a means of production and operation. The vehicle is purchased by the enterprise, and equipped with drivers, maintenance personnel (including the driver), and corresponding equipment, responsible for the maintenance and repair of the vehicle, and completing tasks such as safety and production.

Many companies know that GPS systems can provide positioning services, so how does GPS systems help companies manage their fleet?

Remote monitoring

In fleet management, real-time tracking and remote monitoring of vehicles play an important role. In this way, it can ensure that prompt actions can be taken in case of emergency, and for those who need to move and control the vehicle, the GPS satellite positioning system can also achieve a remote control effect. The GPS satellite positioning system can realize real-time monitoring of where the vehicle is and whether it is currently in a dangerous state, so as to avoid accidents causing injury to the driver.

Route optimization

Through GPS positioning, managers can arrange the best route and reduce unnecessary trips. When encountering traffic jams or some other situations, managers can adjust and rearrange routes in time. This allows vehicles in the fleet to reduce fuel costs, shorten delivery times and improve fleet management operating efficiency.

Increase customer satisfaction

The application of a GPS tracker in fleet management not only allows enterprises to know the real-time location of the vehicle at any time, but also can share it with their customers. Let customers know the expected arrival time of the itinerary, and make relevant arrangements in advance. At the same time, they can also keep abreast of the vehicle status during driving, and customers can also notice abnormal events in time. This can significantly increase customer satisfaction and trust.

Reduce private use of public vehicles

Many business owners allow employees to drive their company cars home, mostly as a convenience. However, some employees use the vehicles at will for personal use, which increases fuel costs virtually and increases certain risks. The application of the GPS tracker can query the live location of the car, and the manager can monitor whether the vehicle is used reasonably.

Prevent theft

In addition to real-time monitoring of vehicles in the fleet, another advantage of GPS trackers is that they can prevent theft. Some alarm functions can remind the management personnel to deal with it in time, such as a vibrating alarm, power failure alarm, geo-fence entry/exit alarm and device tamper alarm, etc., adding additional safety protection to the vehicle.

A Fleet management solution is an ideal choice that incorporates GPS technology, intelligent tracking terminals, and cloud platforms to help you, monitor, track and communicate with your company’s vehicles. Its amalgamation of services can save you a lot of time and money.

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