The Internet of Things is on the Rise

The Internet of Things is on the Rise


In fact, the term “Internet of things” has been around for about 20 years, but the concept of IoT devices is much longer. In fact, networking devices in the 1970s were often referred to as “embedded Internet” or “pervasive computing.” In 1999, Procter & Gamble employee Kevin Ashton coined the current term “Internet of things.” But it took about a decade for the term to spread. So far, the Internet of things is still in its infancy.

Bain expects the integrated market for the Internet of things (IoT) – including hardware, software, systems integration, and data and telecommunications services – will increase to $520 billion by 2021, more than double from $235 billion in 2017, with most of that is in the corporate and industrial sectors. The Internet of Things is changing our lives. From the fields of security, logistics, transportation, medical care, home, retail, agriculture, etc., we can all see the application of the Internet of Things. IoT products enable us to extend our home control, and they help streamline business processes and better connect us to the people, systems, and environments that influence our lives. The Internet of things has also promoted the transformation of major manufacturers and intelligent products, making enterprises more competitive in the market.

The popularity of smart homes in recent years has always brought people a better life experience, but many people still misunderstand smart furniture as smart homes. In addition, the current market has not achieved the IoT control, but more intelligent control. In the future, the development of 5G, big data and artificial intelligence will also promote the development of the Internet of things and pave the way for the development of smart homes.

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