Remote Fuel Monitoring Solution

Remote Fuel Monitoring Solution


According to the height change of the oil float in the fuel tank, the pointer of the fuel gauge of the car itself is not so accurate, and most models can only be seen by the driver himself, and cannot be viewed remotely. Fleet owners generally hire drivers for their cars, and some drivers steal or cheat on fuel, which cannot be monitored in real-time. Vehicle data such as fuel consumption per 100 kilometers, oil spill reports, and fuel consumption trend reports are key indicators for business owners and managers to evaluate the driver. However, most fleets are now unable to provide real-time feedback, and managers cannot evaluate the driver’s bad driving behavior.

Remote Fuel Monitoring Solution

The GPS tracker is equipped with a fuel consumption sensor and then connects the data to the cloud management platform. A complete set of management solutions can solve the fuel consumption and scheduling management problems of logistics transportation, hazardous chemical transportation, construction machinery, and official vehicles. Managers can have an accurate, convenient, and effective vehicle fuel consumption monitoring system to improve fuel consumption management, control abnormal fuel consumption of vehicles, optimize driver’s driving behavior, prevent fuel stealing, reduce costs, and improve vehicle operation efficiency of enterprises.

Fuel consumption sensor

Fuel Consumption Sensor Basic Principle: The liquid volume is calculated by accurately measuring the liquid level. For irregular fuel tanks, it can be calibrated with the data of several refueling tickets and the data read by the sensor, so as to accurately measure the fuel volume. Different types of sensors can also be used to measure the fuel level of the fuel tank, the water level of the sprinkler, and the stock of the manure truck.

GPS tracker

After installing a GPS tracker, the car can be located in real-time and the historical driving track can be reviewed. The data collected by the fuel consumption sensor will be transmitted to the GPS tracker, and then transmitted to the server through the 4G LTE network.

Professional management platform

The platform can generate professional fuel consumption reports, also support real-time check positioning and track playback, and provide real-time notifications of various alarm events.

The fuel sensor can not only measure the fuel volume of the fuel tank but also the capacity of the water tank of the sanitation vehicle, manure truck, and dangerous goods transport vehicle. It can monitor the location of vehicles in real-time, and automatically generate data reports related to assessment for fleet owners or enterprise managers to realize digital and intelligent management of fleets.

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