New product TBT100 for livestock tracking

New product TBT100 for livestock tracking


The TBT100 livestock tracker was developed for our domestic market years ago, especially the pastures in Tibet, Mongolia, and Xinjiang, where people keep a huge number of cattle, yak, and sheep. Recently, this well-experienced model has been migrated to our global business toassist worldwide livestock owners in protecting their animals against loss, theft, and death.


The TBT100 is light, small, and compatible with collars,means you can fix it on your animals without discomforting them. Also the installation is quite simple, as you just need to adjust the length of collar and put it around the animal neck and lock it.

Since most pastures are always set up in areas with less human activities, e.g.highlands, grasslands, mountains,forests, where theenvironment is less or more tough and the altitude, precipitation, humidity, and temperature are high or low. But TBT100 has a solution to the environmental problems: It supports a wide range of operating temperature and IP67 grade dust and water resistance, ensuring its 24/7 monitoring in all environment conditions.


For mature livestock businesses, the daily work on a large number of animals is a considerable drudgery, let alone replacing discharged devices every day. That’s why we chose an 8,100mAh battery for the TBT100 to offer an up-to-3-year standby time to unchain you from regular replacement.

There is a serious problem happening frequently that animals may leave the herd and go lost, which increases the risk of animal death and the difficulty in searching them. But an invaluable technique comes to help – the Bluetooth module allows the TBT100 to interconnect and form a Bluetooth connection coverage, and if an animal strays from the herd, its device’s Bluetooth goes disconnected, and an instant alert will be sent to inform your team.

Another advancement is the accelerometer, with which the TBT100 can collect animals’ daily steps for the reference of animal health status, and meanwhile, those animals staying long stationary during the daytime will trigger a specific alert notifying the supervisor to take immediate actions.


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