JC450 Series Dash Cams-Reducing traffic accident rates

JC450 Series Dash Cams-Reducing traffic accident rates


With the increasing number of long-distance trucks, logistics vehicles and family cars, traffic safety problems are becoming increasingly serious. Traffic accident rate remains high, when the vehicle in the way of rollover, collision and other serious accidents, the driver can not get out, even due to serious injuries and can not call for help or call the cell phone, resulting in the loss of self-help; in an emergency, the equipment available for help can not be used normally, such as cell phone failure, the driver did not bring a cell phone, etc.. Secondly, the driver suddenly fell ill and lost the ability to move also happens. In addition, China’s mobile population, the social security situation is serious.

In recent years there have been many cases of criminals tailing the driver in the car and hold the driver hostage. According to statistics, timely and effective first aid within 30 minutes after a traffic accident can save the lives of most of the injured. Therefore, when drivers or members of the car encounter the above difficulties or danger, rescue efficiency is an important factor affecting the success rate of rescue, but many drivers often delay the rescue because they can not release the distress signal in time.

This article is to address this need, Jimi IoT proposed a GPS and GPRS technology-based vehicle emergency alarm system – JC450 AI-Powered Camera System, which uses GPS for real-time video monitoring and location tracking of the vehicle, in case of emergency, (1) DMS camera can track the driver’s face to monitor their attention, and when needed, through the driver’s cab, the driver’s face can be tracked. and warns them via in-cab alarms when needed; (2) built-in gyroscope sensors to detect severe events such as hard braking, speeding, sharp turns, collisions, etc.; and the JC450‘s built-in camera captures HD video of these important events and sends the data to the cloud for later viewing and driver guidance.

JC450 dashcam

The system integrates the collection, processing and transmission of vehicle geolocation information and vehicle condition information, and includes two major parts: front-end vehicle positioning and information collection and rear-end smartphone monitoring. The front-end vehicle is installed with high-precision, all-weather and global GPS radio positioning system; the vehicle ECU collects vehicle information, and the system will start independently when there is an engine abnormality or collision, etc.

After the alarm system starts, GPS first locates the vehicle, and then the vehicle communication module sends the vehicle location to the smartphone end, and obtains the specific location of the vehicle on the electronic map through the system client downloaded to the cell phone in advance. At the same time, the vehicle communication module sends the current vehicle condition (such as vehicle emergency braking, speeding or collision) to the cell phone via GSM network.

Because most of the car GPS navigation systems on the market belong to the “receive only, not transmit” type of navigation, can not send the vehicle information, so it is necessary to send the vehicle location information to the smart phone terminal through the paid communication network GPRS.

 The JC450 series is designed to meet the problems of difficulty in movement, difficulty in getting out, and inability to save oneself caused by unexpected situations. Through GPS, GPRS, GSM and other technologies, the driver can send a timely distress signal to the pre-set smartphone terminal, which displays the owner’s name, vehicle information and the specific geographic location of the vehicle in the smartphone terminal, which is important to improve the success rate of rescue in unexpected situations. Practical significance for the prevention and timely handling of traffic accidents

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