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  • <b>Concox GPS tracker helps smart pasture</b>

    The GPS tracker-powered Wisdom Ranch is based on the GPS Internet. Take the cattle or sheep as an example. Wear a solar GPS satellite locator on each cow and sheep. Use the battery and solar panels provided by the locator to continuously pr

  • <b>Mexico partner organized dealer meeting</b>

    Thanks everyone for joining the event held by our Thanks everyone for joining the event held by our Mexico partner Security Easy. It was our great honor to meet all you in Guadalajara at Friday night (16th Feb. 2018). Our partner Security E

  • <b>GPS Trackers Help Police Find Abducted Woman</b>

    Recently I have read a story on the internet that talks about GPS trackers help police find abducted woman which has moved me a lot. As a GPS tracker related worker, I felt proud and it makes me more determined in trying my best to do my wo

  • GPS Tracking System for Car Dealers

    GPS tracking systems have been increasingly used in lots of fields. One of the fields in which it has shown remarkable and consistent growth is in with the car dealers. One of the most important things that you need to know in order to beco

  • <b>Concox GPS Trackers Save Your Time, Money and Energy</b>

    GPS trackers have many functions, in a nutshell; they help to save your time, money, and energy. Thats the point. Thats why people buy a GPS tracker without hesitation and doubt. For each GPS tracker, they have different features but the sa

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