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  • <b>How to use BDS and GPS for asset equipment management?</b>

    With the rapid development of IoT technologies such as sensing, communication, and platform, and the business model of valuable assets and equipment also exhibits diversified development, sharing, leasing, and financial leasing, traditional

  • <b>How to quick start AT4 asset GPS tracker?</b>

    Here comes the AT4 asset tracker quick guide. Insert the 2G SIM card with SMS +GPRS service. Find the notch and remove the cover. Turn the battery switch to OFF and insert the SIM card. Power on. Press power button for 3 seconds. Make sure

  • New product! AT1 GPS Tracker for asset tracking

    AT1 asset GPS tracker is a magnetic GPS tracker developed by Concox and newly released in 2019. It is mainly used to track goods, valuables, equipment, and other assets. Our device supports GPS + LBS + WIFI positioning at the same time. Its

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