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  • <b>For selecting a GPS vehicle tracker, portable trackers are your best bet</b>
  • <b>Cold Chain Logistics Management Tracking with Concox</b>

    The global cold chain market is estimated at USD147.55 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach at a CAGR of 15.0% from 2018-2025. The increase of global connected device and refrigerated warehouse automation are stimulating the industry gr

  • <b>The combination of Bluetooth and shared bike locks</b>

    First, we need to understand the working system of sharing bikes,It mainly consists of three parts, bicycle, mobile App and cloud system. Users will generally open the cellphone App and then scan the code to open the bike lock. At this po

  • <b>Concox - 3 Methods To Save Your Fuel Cost</b>

    Monitoring fuel is of importance. It can not only avoid the embarrassment when driving on the halfway and find out fuel was drained, but also help optimize and save on fuel use. Monitoring fuel can be realized in 3 methods - fuel gauge, CAN

  • <b>GPS Tracker Benefits HVAC Companies</b>

    Managing local HVAC companies is a tough task. You have to organize and arrange some appointments and do some paperwork. It definitely costs a lot of time. In this situation, you can make full use of some tools to improve your efficiency. G

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