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  • <b>What Influences Heavy Construction Equipment Theft?</b>

    Over the past few years, Fleet Management systems have changed in many ways. In the early days, GPS tracking was mainly utilized for keeping an eye on fleet and assets. Today, new functionalities, such as Big Data analytics, engine health i

  • <b>Why Fleet Managers Need Comprehensive Asset Tracking?</b>

    Not long ago, local grocery stores were lined with empty shelves. Toilet paper and hand sanitizer shortages gripped headlines from California to New York. In the throes of the COVID-19 era, demand for basic goods had so abruptly shifted tha

  • <b>Logistics and GPS Tracker Technology</b>

    Experts' inspections of some developed countries in the United States and Europe found that, more than a decade ago, the empty rate of U.S. highways was about 20%, and then dropped below 10%. The secret is that they applied information mana

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