Tags : Cat M1 & NB2 Fleet Tracker

  • <b> JM-LL01 & JM-VL02 were certified by AT&T</b>

    On May 21st, 2020, JIMIs LTE Cat M1 NB2 devices JM-LL01 JM-VL02 both got the certification of ATT. AT T is one of the largest operators in the United States and has a huge influence. JM-LL01 JM-VL02 obtain ATT certification, marking that Ji

  • <b>Why should construction machinery install GPS tracker?</b>

    1. The GPS tracker is installed on the construction machinery to locate the machine, and then lock the machine to control. We know that most of the construction machinery is sold in installments or financial leases when it is sold. If milli

  • <b>Concox JM-VL02 Integrated to Gurtam Wailon Platform</b>

    JIMI IOT has recently established a partnership with Gurtam, along with completing the integration of JIMI's JM-VL02 GPS Tracker into Wialons tracking platform server. This achievement will allow us to offer customers telematics solutions f

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