• GPS Kids Phone GK301 FAQ

    • Why the device can not make voice monitoring?

      1. There is no preset SOS numbers, please set up SOS numbers
      2. The SIM card is without caller ID funtion, please activate the caller ID function with your service provider.
    • I can’t find the ON/OFF button, how can I turn on the unit?

      1. Unscrew and remove the rectangular cover at the back of the unit;
      2. Press and hold the ON/OFF button for 3~5 seconds and then both LEDs will flash. Or connect the unit to external power, and then both LEDs will flash. It indicates the unit is on.

    • Why can not the unit connect to server via GPRS?

      1. Battery is low. Charge the unit with 12V external power for at least half an hour;
      2. Make sure the unit is already connected to GSM network (Green LED flashes 0.1 second on and 2.9 seconds off). If not, please first refer to above question – Green LED stays 1 second on and 2 seconds off (can’t get GSM signal) after the unit is turned on.
      3. GPRS tracking settings is not correctly set.


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