• GPS Senior Phone GS503

    • What is the difference between Geo-fence Alarm Report and Track by Distance Report?

      After setting Geo-fence waypoints, you can set alarm when the tracker enters or exits the waypoint. While for Track by Distance, the message will be sent only when the moving distance reaches preset value..

    • Why the device can not make voice monitoring?

      1. There is no preset SOS numbers, please set up SOS numbers
      2. The SIM card is without caller ID funtion, please activate the caller ID function with your service provider.
    • Why the device is unable to monitor?

      1. The called number is not the sos number. Please set up SOS number.
      2. SIM card without caller ID display function, please active function of caller ID display

    • Why can not check address information?

      1. SIM card can not support GPRS functions, please contact the sim card operator to activate GPRS.
      2. Reply “no data, please try again” all the time, please contact with your distributors.
      3. There is no sos number, please set the number as sos number

    • Why can not the unit connect to server via GPRS?

      1. Battery is low. Charge the unit with 12V external power for at least half an hour;
      2. Make sure the unit is already connected to GSM network .
      3. GPRS tracking settings is not correctly set.


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