Distribution Channel

Concox has established a global sales network with 200+ partners across the world.

Concox has been serving governments of Russia, Ukraine, etc. with professional tracking solutions and customized products.

European professional communication markets are highly developed and competitive. Concox's dealer network covers most of the European territory, and penetrates the markets with one of the Concox's strengths, customized solutions for major accounts.

Concox has cultivated a mature and stable dealer network in Middle East, and established partnership with industry users in public transportation, logistic and so on.

In South Africa Concox has established a mature dealer network, which leads to a wide brand recognition in sectors like security and mining. As the marketing network develops, Concox products have been sold to more than 15 African countries.

Concox penetrates Latin America with customized products and responsive services. Concox has become a major provider of GPS tracking solution in this region.

Concox maintains regular GPS tracking with local governments. In countries like India, Concox has become the major provider to sectors like public transportation.

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