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TracksolidproGPS Tracking System
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Tracksolidpro ( is a gps tracking system with a complete set of services designed for remote management, fleet tracking, asset tracking and a diverse set of vertical Champ d'application.

As an off-the-shelf turnkey solution, Tracksolidpro is a secure, open and scalable platform that plays an essential role in the optimization of resource utilization by enabling visibility and simplifying management.

Tracksolidpro Contox
What you can do with Tracksolidpro?
  • Real-Time GPS Tracking Real-Time GPS Tracking Track in real time. Everything is accessed over the web and mobile APP. view the page
  • >Daily Route Maps Daily Route Maps View all the journeys and routes taken on a day. view the page
  • Live Alert Notifications Live Alert Notifications Be alerted to just the events you consider important. view the page
Real-Time GPS TrackingReal-Time GPS Tracking
Daily Route MapsDaily Route Maps
Live Alert NotificationsLive Alert Notifications
  • Create Geo-fences Create Geo-fences Complete control and protect your assets and business. view the page
  • Driver Behavior Driver Behavior See speeding, harsh acceleration & braking, sharp turn, unnecessary idling, etc. view the page
  • Reports & Analytics Reports & Analytics Data-rich reports generate analytics to help save you time and money. view the page
Create Geo-fencesCreate Geo-fences
Driver BehaviorDriver Behavior
Reports & AnalyticsReports & Analytics
Empower Your Business
Get Real Results
Smarter Fleet at Your Fingertips

The earlier you can catch a potential problem in your fleet, the sooner you can start finding a solution. Manage your fleet in a smarter way with Tracksolidpro by planning smarter routes, analyzing fuel usage, monitoring driving habits.

Maximizing dispatching efficiency, and predicting vehicle maintenance requirements. Tracksolidpro gives you the flexibility to start small and expand your capabilities as your business grows. Manage your entire fleet from one screen and see what is happening remotely in the field.

Smarter Fleet at Your Fingertips
Eyes on Your Assets

Monitor and track all your resources, from portable assets to parcels and containers to heavy machinery. With instant notifications, you can know where your valuable assets are, when they're expected to arrive, whether the container is opened or not, etc.

This real-time visibility helps you gain predictive analytics and minimize product loss. Having this real-time location information allows you to set optimal routes, thereby saving man-hours and ultimately reducing operating costs.

Eyes on Your Assets<
Simplify & Optimize Logistics

Tracksolidpro enables the world's largest shippers and 3PLs to achieve real-time visibility and gain predictive analytics that produce actionable insights.

See details on any tracked load no matter where it is, and set optimal routes, save man-hours as well as reduce operating costs.

Simplify & Optimize Logistics
Personal & Workforce Safety

Monitoring the position and situation of your loved ones and staff can be life-saving.

With Tracksolidpro, monitoring the position and safety of your workers allows them to retain their independence while ensuring their security. Dispatch and protect your workers from your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Personal & Workface Safety
What makes Tracksolidpro different?
  • High scalability High Scalability Over one million devices connected to Tracksolidpro.
  • Data Security Data Security SSL 128-Bit encryption protects the data that drives your business.
  • Rapid Deployment Rapid Deployment Be up and running in 2-7 days with minimal infrastructure.
  • Open API Open API Enable you and third-party developers to more efficiently move data to other systems.
  • AWS & Microsoft Azure Cloud AWS & Microsoft
    Azure Cloud
  • Web/APP customization Web/APP
  • Customized Billing Solutions Customized Billing
  • 30+ languages available 30+ Languages
Boost Your ROI
  • Improve Dispatching Improve Dispatching Proactively manage and maximize your dispatch and routing operations with our management tools and mobile apps.
  • Reduce Operation Costs Reduce Operation Costs We help you keep a close eye on every single part of your business so everything runs smoothly and with low operational costs.
  • Reduce Loss Reduce Loss Protect valuable assets, deter unauthorized use, and improve recovery efforts in the event of theft.
  • Increase Productivity Increase Productivity Get tasks done faster and more proactively. Monitor your drivers and make sure they are performing up to their potential.
  • Enhance Safety Enhance Safety Help improve the safety of your drivers, and the security of your asset and vehicles.
  • Better Customer Service Better Customer Service Improve response times by dispatching the vehicle closest to your customer location.
  • Reduced Accidents 30% Reduced Accidents
  • Save Fuel Consumption 15% Save Fuel Consumption
  • Improved Efficiency 40% Improved Efficiency
  • Vehicles Connected 1,500,000 Vehicles Connected
  • Enhance Safety 420,000 Customers
Our Customers Say It Best
  • Lopez
    Just wanted to appreciate your platform tracksolidpro its a very user attached platform and very explanative with its wide range of assorted features.
  • Anthony
    I personally find it excellent, even my clients they are satisfied.
  • Kenneth
    We are so glad to cooperate with your company. Tracksolidpro is great and stable, a useful tool for fleet management. The support team from your side have fast response.
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