Video Telematics GPS Tracking Platform

Video Telematics GPS Tracking Platform


When it comes to the operation of complex transportation, logistics, trade, or other business, staying informed about the real-time location or condition of the fleet or assets is needed for success. For that reason, basic vehicle and asset GPS tracking terminals are essential to help business managers get first-hand information about their fleet/cargo. All good so far, but there is a challenge to deal with – not only the growing competition between telematics service providers but also the growing expectations of business owners to optimize their operations.

Therefore, for those managers with experience, they come to know how critical a simple and handy monitoring tool is to their business operations. Here, we proudly introduce Jimi/Concox’s self-developed GPS Tracking Platform to you.


Tracksolid Pro (TSP)

As a one-stop solution provider combining software and hardware in the IoT field, the Tracksolid Pro platform supports diversified device models, flexible access, and all-around tool services such as development, integration, hosting, and operation.

Pair it with Jimi/Concox tracking terminals, the platform gives business owners, fleet managers, and managing operators access to instant insights from loads of collected telematics data, helping to realize calculated telematics data visualization and minimize maintenance costs and maximize operations for years to come.

Fuel Consumption

Fuel consumption supervision is a management problem that has long plagued business owners. And enterprises cannot effectively manage vehicle fuel consumption if they only rely on traditional manual experience management.

By analyzing the telematics data of on-road vehicles, the TSP platform helps managers monitor the real-time change in fuel consumption and current value, preventing oil theft and leaks. Meanwhile, along with the real odometer data, it can allow managers to timely detect and correct false trip reports, vehicle idling, and other bad driving habits, thereby reducing and optimizing fuel consumption.


Temperature & Humidity

For cold chain logistics and other temperature/humidity-related transportation industries, it may be an issue for the fleet manager to monitor the situation in the trailer while it is on its way, thus ensuring the quality of perishable goods becomes a real headache.

By visualizing data uploaded by the tracker into charts, the TSP platform allows fleet managers to monitor temperature/humidity changes live in the freezer trailer. This allows for changing the freezer settings of those vehicles still on the way. The fleet managers can give further instructions to drivers promptly when conditions change abnormally. Such actions ensure correct temperature/humidity throughout the journey and reduce the risk of damaging goods.

Driver Behavior

The behavior and performance of drivers are one of the key factors in the success of any size fleet and road safety. But without proper management and regulation, careless drivers will increase vehicle breakdowns and even cause major safety accidents, thus having significant effects on fleet maintenance costs and corporate reputation.

To effectively assist companies with that, the TSP platform turns the telematics data from trackers into insightful reports and the video dashboard, letting you know how your drivers behave behind the wheel.

Moreover, by alerting to dangerous behaviors such as distracted driving, fatigued driving, harsh acceleration, harsh braking, harsh cornering, sudden lane change, collision, skidding, rollover, roll & pitch, the platform can remind managers to warn their drivers in time when circumstances call, helping to improve drivers’behavior and discipline and deal effectively with the most widespread bad habits mentioned above, thereby saving road user lives, company assets, and corporate reputation.

Having sold 10,000,000 units worldwide, the Track solid Pro is trusted by our global fleet and asset partners to protect assets of all sorts, improve driver safety, and maximize efficiency in a variety of ways. The GPS tracking platform is now becoming not only a nice-to-have option but rather a necessity.

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