Top 5 Features of the JM-LL01 LTE Cat M1 & NB2 Asset GNSS Tracker

Top 5 Features of the JM-LL01 LTE Cat M1 & NB2 Asset GNSS Tracker


Asset tracking has evolved significantly with advancements in technology, and the JM-LL01 LTE Cat M1 & NB2 Asset GNSS Tracker is a prime example of this progress. This sophisticated device offers precise location tracking, extended battery life, and robust connectivity options, making it an ideal choice for various industries. In this article, we delve into the top features and benefits of the JM-LL01, its specifications, and how it can enhance your asset management strategy.


The JM-LL01 is a state-of-the-art GNSS tracker designed for asset tracking and management. Utilizing LTE Cat M1 and NB2 technologies, this device provides reliable connectivity and accurate positioning, ensuring your assets are always within reach. From fleet management to cargo tracking, the JM-LL01 is versatile and powerful.

Key Features

  • Advanced Connectivity

The JM-LL01 supports both LTE Cat M1 and NB2, ensuring wide coverage and robust connectivity even in remote areas. This dual-mode capability enhances its reliability for asset tracking across different regions and conditions.

  • Precision GNSS Tracking

Equipped with GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) technology, the JM-LL01 offers precise and real-time location data. This accuracy is crucial for applications requiring detailed asset tracking, such as logistics and supply chain management.

  • Extended Battery Life

Designed for longevity, the JM-LL01 boasts an extended battery life, minimizing the need for frequent recharges. This feature is particularly beneficial for long-term asset tracking, reducing maintenance efforts and costs.

  • Rugged Design

Built to withstand harsh environments, the JM-LL01 features a rugged design that ensures durability and reliability. Its robust construction makes it suitable for various industrial applications, from construction to agriculture.

  • User-Friendly Interface

The JM-LL01 comes with an intuitive user interface that simplifies device management and data monitoring. Its easy-to-use platform allows users to efficiently track and manage assets, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Detailed Specifications of the JM-LL01

Positioning systemGPS+LBS
Communication networkLTE/EGPRS
FrequencyLTE Cat M1/NB2: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B8/B12/B13/B18/B19/B20/B26/B28/B66
EGPRS: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Standby timeUp to 3 years in power-saving mode
Operating Temperature–20℃ to +70℃
Dimensions109.0 x 61.0 x 30.5mm
Weight297 grams
Ingress ProtectionIP65
Data storage32+32Mb


  • Fleet Management

The JM-LL01 is an excellent solution for fleet management, offering real-time tracking of vehicles and optimizing routes. Its robust connectivity ensures continuous monitoring, enhancing fleet efficiency and reducing operational costs.

  • Cargo Tracking

With its precision GNSS tracking, the JM-LL01 is ideal for cargo tracking, providing detailed location data throughout the supply chain. This helps in preventing loss and ensuring timely deliveries.

  • Construction Site Monitoring

In construction, the JM-LL01 can track equipment and materials, ensuring they are used efficiently and are not misplaced. Its rugged design makes it suitable for the tough conditions of construction sites.

  • Agricultural Asset Management

For agriculture, the JM-LL01 helps in tracking machinery and equipment across large fields, ensuring optimal usage and reducing downtime. Its extended battery life is particularly useful for long-term monitoring.

  • Warehouse Management

The JM-LL01 assists in tracking assets within warehouses, providing precise location data that aids in inventory management and improves overall warehouse operations.


  • Improved Asset Security

By providing real-time location data, the JM-LL01 enhances asset security, helping to prevent theft and unauthorized use. This is crucial for high-value assets and sensitive cargo.

  • Cost Efficiency

The extended battery life and robust design of the JM-LL01 reduce maintenance costs and downtime, offering a cost-efficient solution for long-term asset tracking.

  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency

With precise tracking and user-friendly management, the JM-LL01 improves operational efficiency, helping businesses to optimize asset utilization and streamline processes.

  • Scalability

The JM-LL01 is scalable, suitable for businesses of all sizes. Whether tracking a small fleet or managing a large inventory, this device adapts to various needs and scales accordingly.

How to Set Up

Setting up the JM-LL01 is straightforward, thanks to its intuitive interface and comprehensive user manual. Here are the basic steps:

  • Unbox and Inspect: Ensure all components are present and undamaged.
  • Activate the Device: Follow the instructions to activate the tracker, including inserting any required SIM card.
  • Configure Settings: Use the user interface to configure tracking intervals, alerts, and other settings.
  • Install on Asset: Secure the JM-LL01 to the asset you wish to track, ensuring it is properly mounted.
  • Monitor and Manage: Use the provided platform to monitor and manage your assets in real-time.


  • What is the battery life of the JM-LL01?

The JM-LL01 offers up to 3 years of battery life, depending on usage and tracking intervals.

  • Can the JM-LL01 operate in extreme temperatures?

Yes, the JM-LL01 is designed to operate in temperatures ranging from –20℃ to +70℃.

  • Is the JM-LL01 suitable for indoor tracking?

While primarily designed for outdoor use, the JM-LL01 can be used indoors if sufficient GNSS signal is available.

  • What kind of maintenance does the JM-LL01 require?

The JM-LL01 requires minimal maintenance, mainly ensuring it is charged and free from physical damage.

  • How accurate is the GNSS tracking on the JM-LL01?

The GNSS tracking on the JM-LL01 is highly accurate, providing precise location data essential for various applications.

  • Can the JM-LL01 be integrated with other management systems?

Yes, the JM-LL01 can be integrated with various asset management systems, enhancing its utility and efficiency.


The JM-LL01 LTE Cat M1 & NB2 Asset GNSS Tracker is a versatile and reliable solution for modern asset tracking needs. With its advanced connectivity, precise tracking, and robust design, it offers significant benefits for various industries. Whether for fleet management, cargo tracking, or construction site monitoring, the JM-LL01 enhances asset security, operational efficiency, and overall cost-effectiveness. Embrace the future of asset tracking with the JM-LL01 and streamline your operations like never before.


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