New Product: VL103M GPS Tracker, Protect Your Motorcycle from Theft

New Product: VL103M GPS Tracker, Protect Your Motorcycle from Theft


Motorcycle thefts are on the rise. In the United States, a motorcycle is stolen every 9 minutes. In total, more than 50,000 thefts are reported each year.

The Jimi VL103M 4G multifunctional vehicle tracker protects your two-wheeler from theft. Although VL103M can also be used in vehicle rental, fleet management and other scenarios, it performs extremely well in stolen vehicle recovery.

GPS & BDS & LBS Positioning

A synergy of multiple positioning systems ensures that locations are accurately displayed on the cloud platform.

External Buzzer/Horn Supported

Warn the driver once the tracker detects speeding or fatigue driving, and it also supports audible/light warnings to search for vehicles.

Low Voltage Alert

You’ll be alerted via SMS when the motorcycle battery voltage is lower than the threshold.

Multiple Alerts

Instant alerts for atypical events such as abnormal vibration, speeding, geo-fence entry/exit, etc.

Remote Listen-In

Inconspicuous mic allows for remote audio monitoring of the environment around the device.

IP66 Dust & Water Resistance

Rugged design ensures continued optimal performance, even in the toughest conditions.

The IP66 waterproof housing of the Jimi VL103M allows you to keep an eye on and listen to your vehicle even in harsh environments, and alerts you in the event of a theft, allowing you to react quickly so you don’t have to worry.

The VL103M 4G multifunctional vehicle tracker combines performance, reliability and discreetness. Suitable scenarios for this device include vibrating alert, speeding alert, SOS call, tamper alert, cover removal alert, geo-fence entry/exit alert, vehicle battery detection.

The input voltage range of VL103M is 9-90V, which is suitable for various types of motorcycles. No matter what type of motorcycle you own, every motorcycle deserves effective theft protection. Jimi’s engineers keep improving our GPS tracker to meet more customer needs, if you are interested, please contact us

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