Relay-Equipped FleetTelematics Solution for Enhanced Security and Fast Recovery

Relay-Equipped FleetTelematics Solution for Enhanced Security and Fast Recovery


Relay-Equipped Fleet Telematics Solution for Enhanced Security and Fast Recovery

Car theft remains a significant threat for businesses managing commercial or corporate fleets, impacting used car services, rental companies, and trucking operations alike. The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NCIB) in the United States reported over a million stolen vehicles in 2023. Similarly, statistics from V-BAR highlight an average of 697,000 car thefts annually across the EU from 2015 to 2017. In Mexico, AMIS data reveals a staggering number of stolen vehicles in 2023, with 61,222 insured vehicles and an estimated 75,771 uninsured cars reported missing.

In this environment, remote immobilization emerges as a powerful tool for bolstering vehicle security and expediting stolen car recovery. This technology utilizes electronic systems to disable a vehicle’s engine or critical components, typically integrated into vehicle telematics systems for real-time control and intervention. At Jimi IoT, we leverage relays, either external or internal, to achieve this crucial function, offering a discreet and budget-friendly security measure for both businesses and individual users.

Tailored Relay Options for Diverse Needs

Our solutions provide two primary options for integrating relays with your vehicle tracker:

  • External Relays: Designed for larger vehicles or those with complex electrical systems, external relays provide superior current handling capacity. However, the wiring may require professional knowledge.
  • Internal Relays: These compact relays are embedded within the tracker’s circuit board (PCB) for simpler wiring and better protection. However, they have a lower current handling capacity, making them ideal for standard fuel motorcycles.

Jimi IoT offers internal and external relays to meet your vehicle’s specific needs. Our internal relay options include the VL111 and VG102 models, with the VG102 boasting customizable plug-and-play connectors for easier installation. We also have a model with onboard relay coming soon! For external relays, compatibility extends to almost all our hardwired tracking units and dash cameras. Contact us or your account manager for specific model details.

Immobilization Process

The vehicle tracker, using GPS or sensors like gyroscopes or accelerometers, detects unauthorized activity such as unexpected movement, unusual routes, or ignition activation outside operational hours. This triggers an immediate notification sent to your smartphone app or monitoring center, allowing you to verify the situation and determine if further action is necessary.

Upon confirming the unauthorized activity, you can remotely activate the relay through the platform using a simple command (RELAY,1#). The tracking unit will then check the vehicle’s ignition status and GPS speed. If the speed is below 20 km/h, the relay will disrupt the fuel supply immediately. Otherwise, the immobilization will be delayed until the speed falls below 20 km/h, preventing further movement and ensuring a safe stop.

Once the vehicle comes to a full stop, you can send a pinpoint location command (GPSON#) to retrieve the current coordinates and share them with authorities to facilitate swift recovery.

The process is remarkably straightforward, requiring only a secure installation of the tracker and relay. Once immobilized, the vehicle remains inoperable until you send a recovery command to the tracking unit, which instructs the relay to recover the fuel supply.

Benefits of a Relay-Enhanced Security System

Remote immobilization with vehicle trackers empowers you to tackle car theft efficiently through two actions – send a command to immobilize the vehicle and another command to get the vehicle’s current location. The synergy between a dependable tracker and a well-suited relay delivers a multitude of benefits:

  • Enhanced Security: Remote immobilization adds a powerful layer of protection by disrupting the fuel pump circuit and preventing further operation.
  • Immediate Action: Instant alerts empower you to react swiftly in the event of unauthorized activities and a few taps on your mobile app can potentially prevent the car from being driven away.
  • Higher Recovery Rate: Even if the thief manages to drive away or tow the vehicle, the tracker continues to transmit location data. Additionally, the immobilization command will still execute when the pre-set criteria are met, aiding authorities in recovery efforts.
  • Flexibility: Jimi IoT offers two relay options to cater to your specific vehicle and installation preferences.

Vehicle theft represents a significant financial burden for authorities, businesses, and individual owners, particularly when dealing with high-value assets like luxury cars, trucks, and specialized equipment. The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) reports that auto theft claims in Canada reached a staggering Can$1.5 billion (US$1.1 billion) in 2023, reflecting a near 20% increase compared to 2022. Similarly, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that vehicle theft cost owners in the United States over $8 billion in 2022. By implementing a remote immobilization solution with Jimi IoT’s relay-equipped trackers for sedans, trucks, motorcycles, three-wheelers, and more, fleet managers can gain peace of mind knowing their vehicles are protected with an extra layer of security that empowers them to take immediate action and potentially recover stolen assets. This not only safeguards valuable business property but also reduces financial losses associated with auto theft.


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