Buzzer Alarm Function in Motorcycle Trackers

Buzzer Alarm Function in Motorcycle Trackers


Understanding the Buzzer Locator Function

The buzzer locator function in motorcycle GPS trackers is a crucial feature designed to help riders quickly locate their motorcycles in crowded or large parking areas. When a vibration alert is triggered, the motorcycle owner receives an immediate notification via SMS or a mobile app. The owner can then send a command through the app or SMS to activate the buzzer on the motorcycle. The buzzer emits a loud sound, allowing the owner to easily identify and locate their motorcycle among many others, ensuring quick access and enhanced security. This feature is especially beneficial in situations where visual identification is challenging, providing a practical and effective solution for motorcycle owners.

Buzzer Alarm Function in Motorcycle Trackers

How the Buzzer Locator Function Works

Vibration Detection

Description of Vibration Sensors in Motorcycle Trackers:

Motorcycle GPS trackers are equipped with highly sensitive vibration sensors. These sensors are designed to detect any unusual movement or tampering with the motorcycle. When an abnormal vibration or movement is detected, the sensor sends a signal to the tracking system.

How These Sensors Detect Unusual Movement or Tampering:

The sensors work by measuring the intensity and frequency of vibrations. If the detected vibration pattern deviates from the normal operating conditions, the system identifies it as potential tampering or unauthorized movement. This triggers an alert, which is then sent to the motorcycle owner via SMS or a mobile app notification. This immediate alert allows the owner to respond promptly by using the buzzer locator function to find their motorcycle in crowded or large parking areas.

Receiving Alerts

Process of the Motorcycle Owner Receiving Alerts:

When a motorcycle GPS tracker detects unusual vibrations, it sends an immediate alert to the owner. This alert is delivered via SMS or through a mobile app notification, such as the JIMI IoT cloud platform, Tracksolid Pro. The app provides real-time notifications, allowing the owner to quickly access the alert details.

Timely alerts are crucial for preventing theft or unauthorized use of the motorcycle. By receiving immediate notifications, the owner can promptly take action, such as activating the buzzer locator function to find their motorcycle quickly in crowded or large parking areas. This rapid response minimizes the risk of theft and ensures the safety of the motorcycle.

Activating the Buzzer

Steps the Owner Takes to Activate the Buzzer through SMS or App Command:

Receiving the Alert:

  • Upon receiving a vibration alert, the motorcycle owner opens the Tracksolid Pro app or checks the SMS notification.

Sending the Command:

Via SMS:

  • The owner sends a specific SMS command to the motorcycle’s GPS tracker.

Via App:

  • The owner logs into Tracksolid Pro.
  • Navigates to the specific vehicle’s dashboard.
  • Selects the option to activate the buzzer from the menu or control panel.

Locating the Motorcycle

How the Loud Buzzer Helps:

The loud buzzer, activated via SMS or the Tracksolid Pro app, emits a distinct sound that can be easily heard over ambient noise.

This auditory signal guides the owner directly to their motorcycle, even in densely populated areas.

Practical Scenarios:

Large Parking Lots: Finding the motorcycle in a vast, crowded parking lot becomes straightforward with the buzzer.

Events: At events with many motorcycles parked together, the buzzer helps quickly locate the vehicle, saving time and reducing frustration.


Enhanced Security and Peace of Mind:

The buzzer locator function offers an added layer of security by allowing motorcycle owners to quickly respond to alerts of unusual activity. Knowing that they can promptly locate their bike reduces anxiety about potential theft or tampering.

Quick and Easy Location:

In busy environments, finding a motorcycle can be time-consuming and stressful. The loud buzzer simplifies this process, enabling owners to swiftly pinpoint their bike’s location, saving valuable time and reducing stress.

Theft Deterrence:

The loud sound of the buzzer acts as a deterrent to potential thieves. The noise draws attention, discouraging unauthorized individuals from tampering with or attempting to steal the motorcycle.

JIMI IoT VL103M’s External Buzzer/Horn Supported Feature

The JIMI IoT VL103M GPS tracker supports an external buzzer or horn, enhancing its security and utility functions. This feature allows for an audible alert that can be triggered in various scenarios, such as unauthorized movement or tampering. The external buzzer can be activated remotely via SMS or an app, providing a loud, attention-grabbing sound to deter potential thieves and help owners quickly locate their vehicle in crowded areas. This integration ensures added protection and ease of asset management.


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