Asset Trackers and Refrigerated Truck Monitoring in the Grocery Supply Chain

Asset Trackers and Refrigerated Truck Monitoring in the Grocery Supply Chain



Asset tracking technology enables precise temperature and humidity monitoring during the transportation and storage of sensitive goods. Advanced sensors integrated into tracking devices, containers, and packaging facilitate real-time data acquisition, ensuring that environmental conditions remain within the specified range.

Maintaining controlled environments is critical for products such as pharmaceuticals, fresh produce, and perishable goods. Even slight deviations from optimal conditions can lead to significant losses. This technology not only records data but also triggers alerts in case of deviations, allowing for immediate corrective action.

Asset tracking for temperature and humidity monitoring has diverse applications, from pharmaceuticals to agriculture and the food industry. It ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and enhances operational efficiency.

Grocery Supply Chain Management

The grocery supply chain is a complex network of processes involving the transportation and distribution of food products from manufacturers and suppliers to retailers. Ensuring that fresh produce, dairy products, and other perishable goods reach consumers in optimal condition presents specific challenges.

Challenges in the Grocery Supply Chain

Perishable Nature: Perishable goods, such as fruits, vegetables, and dairy products, have limited shelf lives. Maintaining the right temperature and humidity levels is crucial to prevent spoilage and ensure that products are fresh when they reach store shelves.

Complex Distribution Networks: Grocery supply chains often involve multiple distribution centers, cross-docking facilities, and transportation modes, making it challenging to monitor and control environmental conditions throughout the entire journey.

Regulatory Compliance: The food industry is heavily regulated, with strict guidelines regarding the storage and transportation of food products. Non-compliance can result in product recalls, fines, and damaged brand reputation.

Consumer Expectations: Modern consumers demand fresh and safe food products. Any deviation in quality, which can occur due to improper temperature or humidity control, can lead to dissatisfied customers and loss of trust.

The Need for Technology

Technology is instrumental in addressing these challenges in grocery supply chain management:

Real-time Monitoring: Asset tracking devices equipped with environmental sensors provide real-time monitoring capabilities. This allows supply chain managers to track temperature and humidity conditions at every stage of the journey, from production facilities to store shelves.

Data-Driven Decision-Making: Access to data helps in informed decision-making. Managers can identify and address issues promptly, ensuring that environmental conditions remain within specified ranges.

Alerts and Notifications: Asset tracking technology can trigger alerts and notifications in case of temperature or humidity deviations. This allows for immediate corrective actions, such as adjusting temperature settings or rerouting shipments to prevent spoilage.

Compliance Assurance: Precise temperature and humidity data records, along with timestamped documentation, facilitate compliance with regulatory requirements. In the case of audits, accurate historical data can serve as proof of adherence to standards.

In the grocery supply chain, the integration of asset-tracking technology is not just about efficiency but also about safeguarding product quality, ensuring regulatory compliance, and meeting consumer expectations. The ability to control temperature and humidity plays a pivotal role in delivering fresh and safe food products to consumers’ tables. Technology is the linchpin that enables this level of control and accountability.

Challenges in Temperature Control

Ensuring precise temperature control within refrigerated trucks is a multifaceted challenge, influenced by a variety of factors that can disrupt the delicate balance of a controlled environment.

External Factors

External elements such as weather conditions pose a significant challenge. Hot weather can cause the refrigeration system to work harder to maintain the desired temperature, potentially straining the equipment. On the other hand, extremely cold weather can affect the insulation and lead to temperature fluctuations.

Furthermore, the duration of stops and unloading at distribution centers or retail locations can also impact temperature control. Each time the truck doors open, warm air rushes in, and the refrigeration unit must work to restore the set temperature. This can be further complicated by the loading and unloading of products, especially if the cargo area is not sealed properly during these processes.

Equipment Reliability

The reliability of the refrigeration unit itself is critical. Even minor mechanical issues, such as a malfunctioning thermostat or a refrigerant leak, can lead to significant temperature variations. When equipment fails or operates inefficiently, it can jeopardize the entire shipment’s quality.

Impact of Minor Deviations

It’s essential to highlight that even minor temperature deviations within refrigerated trucks can result in substantial losses. Perishable goods, such as fresh produce, dairy products, and frozen items, are particularly susceptible to temperature fluctuations.

For instance, if the temperature inside a refrigerated truck rises a few degrees above the optimal range for storing fresh produce, it can accelerate spoilage and reduce the shelf life of the products. This not only leads to financial losses but also impacts the overall supply chain, including retailers and, ultimately, consumers who may purchase subpar goods.

Jimi IoT LL302 Asset Trackers: A Technological Solution

Designed for vehicle & asset tracking, LL302 is a 4G Wireless Asset GNSS Tracker that supports GPS/BDS/LBS positioning, light sensor, and multiple alerts for abnormal vibration, low battery, etc. With our cloud platform and mobile App, LL302 is ideal for remote monitoring of users’ targets, and it’s also suitable for such application scenarios as vehicle rental, fleet management, logistics transportation, etc.

Temperature/Humidity Sensor

The integration of a temperature and humidity sensor is pivotal in ensuring the preservation of perishable goods during transportation. The LL302’s sensor provides real-time data on temperature and humidity conditions within the cargo area, allowing for precise monitoring and control. This feature is especially critical for industries such as food and pharmaceuticals, where maintaining specific environmental conditions is essential to product quality and safety. The temperature/humidity sensor not only safeguards the cargo but also supports compliance with industry regulations and quality control standards, making it a key asset for businesses that rely on the transportation of sensitive goods.

GPS & BDS & LBS Positioning

The LL302 Wireless Asset Tracker boasts a powerful combination of GPS (Global Positioning System), BDS (BeiDou Navigation Satellite System), and LBS (Location-Based Service) positioning technologies. This triumvirate ensures precise and reliable location tracking regardless of the environment. GPS and BDS offer global coverage and excellent outdoor positioning accuracy, while LBS comes into play when indoor tracking or when the device is in an area with limited satellite visibility. This versatility in positioning allows for comprehensive asset tracking, making the LL302 a dependable solution for a wide range of applications, including transportation and logistics, fleet management, and asset security.

Tamper Alert

One of the LL302’s standout features is its tamper alert system. Designed to enhance security and asset protection, this feature immediately notifies you if the device is tampered with or removed. The tamper alert ensures that you are promptly informed of any unauthorized access or interference with the asset tracker. This not only helps prevent theft or tampering but also provides peace of mind for asset owners and logistics managers. Knowing that your assets are continuously monitored and any interference triggers an alert ensures the safety and security of your valuable cargo.

Strong Magnetic Base

The LL302 is equipped with a robust magnetic base, making it easy to install on various surfaces. The strong magnetic base ensures that the tracker stays securely attached during transportation and won’t easily dislodge, even when subjected to vibrations or harsh conditions. This feature simplifies installation and enhances the tracker’s versatility, allowing it to be easily mounted on metal surfaces in different asset-tracking scenarios.


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