Why isn’t my Tracker updating?

Why isn’t my Tracker updating?


There are a few reasons a tracker might not be updating it’s position on the map.  

  • The first thing to check is that the tracker is charged and powered on.  
  • Next, make sure the tracker is placed somewhere it can get GPS signal.  Trackers get their location from GPS satellites, so they can’t be inside a metal enclosure like a trunk or toolbox.
  • Also, they may not be able to get a GPS fix inside a metal building, an underground parking deck, etc.  So if your tracker isn’t reporting, there is a possibility that it just doesn’t know where it is at the moment.
  • Finally, the most common reason a tracker might not be reporting is because of poor cellular service at the tracker’s location.   Your tracker sends its location back over the cellular network, so adequate cell service is required.  If your tracker hasn’t updated in a while, there is a good chance it’s in a cellular dead zone and will update as soon as it moves out of that area.

A great way to test your tracker if you just got it is to drive around for a few minutes with the tracker.  This usually solves any connectivity issues that may be the result of poor cellular service in one spot.

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