• Why You Should Add Asset Tracking to Your Fleet Management


    As a fleet manager, you have a big job to do, not the least of which is staying aware of your assets’ location and condition. You must know which assets are required at each job and which assets are available when an emergency call comes in. In the past, managers relied on paper and ink lists and logs to attempt to keep up with it all. Today there are better options. Real-time GPS tracking allows you to accurately and efficiently track your fleet and assets, giving you distinct advantages in today’s market. Here are some reasons you should add asset tracking software to your fleet.

    1. Real-Time Tracking

    Adding asset tracking to your fleet provides you with the most up-to-date information on your fleet and your assets’ location at any given time. The old tracking method using paper and ink, maps, and spreadsheets just doesn’t perform in today’s competitive market. Even the most organized fleet manager will have difficulty keeping track of everything this way. If you are successful at manual tracking, you would be the only person who has immediate access to the information, leading to multiple phone calls and messages back and forth among team members. This lack of sharable data takes an already outdated process and slows it down further. Today’s fleet tracking software updates in real-time, allowing all of your key personnel to find assets easily.

    2. Improved Accuracy

    Using fleet tracking software allows you to manage your assets more accurately. No matter how organized and experienced you are, it is nearly impossible to track multiple moving parts using old, manual methods. Accurate tracking is essential in getting things where they need to be, at the appropriate time. You can then handle urgent or emergent requests from your customers without guesswork. 

    Being able to give your customers accurate expectations improves their satisfaction. Having this precise knowledge about your assets and technicians also helps them optimize their time, preventing downtime and route crossover.



    3. Streamlined Processes

    Fleet tracking software can upgrade the processes of scheduling, dispatching, maintenance, and even invoicing. Scheduling field technicians using asset tracking allows you to optimize their routes and get needed equipment to the job site more efficiently. This level of efficiency can help make your technicians so much more effective at their jobs. Reduced idle time and route backtracking also results in better productivity and directly impacts the bottom line. 

    Streamlining your processes improves your back office productivity as well. Using asset tracking allows you to enter the current technological age and brings you into the processes that better suit your business.

    4. Mitigate Loss

    With accurate asset tracking, you can prevent or recover thousands of dollars in loss due to theft. Misappropriation of resources and theft are unfortunate realities in the field service industry. With fleet tracking software, you can recognize unauthorized or inappropriate use of your assets before significant losses occur. 

    Loss of equipment not only impacts the availability of your inventory but also slows down job progress and can result in project completion delays. These interruptions can translate into lag in getting paid for jobs. Being able to prevent this whole downward spiral of loss is a massive benefit of asset tracking.

    5. Predictive Maintenance

    Proper service and maintenance of equipment is an often overlooked aspect when it comes to fleet management. The adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” really does ring true. With fleet tracking software, monitoring equipment use and managing service alarms becomes a regular part of the day. Address these issues as they arise to prevent costly repairs and ensure that your technicians have the tools they need to do their jobs. Having equipment go down can shut down operations completely and cost you valuable time and money. Delays in project completion and employee downtime add up to real dollars that negatively impact the bottom line.


    Concox  Asset GPS Tracker 

    Whether you are tracking construction equipment, storage containers, generators, or other large assets, Concox can provide the best solution.  Concox JM-LL02 LTE Cat 1 Asset Tracker.The JM-LL02 is an LTE asset tracker with 6,000mAh large battery. Depending on its strong magnetic cover, it can be effortlessly deployed with almost zero installation. This device can be directly configured via Bluetooth, also a light sensor and vibration detection feature play critical roles in anti-theft campaign, making JM-LL02 a powerful device that brings much convenience to users.. And real-time asset tracking makes it easy to schedule pickups, deliveries, or maintenance with greater efficiency. You will know where your assets are and when they leave a location.


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