• Why should car rental companies use vehicle fleet tracking system?


    The development of the car rental industry has not been short. I believe that many people have more or less contact with car rental, but in fact, the car rental industry has been in a tepid state for a long time. Recently, the increasing demand for car use, coupled with users' acceptance of the concept of car rental, has made car rental accepted by more and more people.

    In addition, the cumbersome procedures for buying a car also highlight the advantages of car rental. One of the manifestations is the "difficult to buy a car" problem that is gradually emerging. In view of the fact that many domestic auto companies are still in the mode of mainly relying on sales for profit, the possibility of road congestion in other cities in the future is very high. It is not impossible to implement the purchase restriction policy in more cities. Therefore, the problem of "difficulty in buying a car" will be very serious in the future. May be generalized. Therefore, the prospects of the car rental industry can be said to be very impressive.

    However, some of the current conditions in the car rental industry can cause losses to the car rental industry in severe cases and also hinder the overall development of the car rental industry. The main pain points are:

    Lease cheating: Cheating cars happen frequently in the leasing market, and it is often difficult to recover the cheated vehicles afterward, causing huge economic losses to the leasing company. Rent fraud is a business risk that an operator must face.

    Failure to return the car after the expiration date: If the rental car is not returned after the expiration date, the renter has no information, which brings trouble to the management order of the operator and restricts the development of the rental car enterprise.

    Illegal speeding of the rental car: The leased car violates the rules, such as speeding or U-turning everywhere. Some car rental customers are technically unfamiliar and unfamiliar with the road conditions, so it is easy to step on "landmines"; there are also a very small number of drivers deliberately, thinking that the rented car is not their own, they violate the regulations. A powerful means is needed to monitor this type of behavior and recover responsibility.



    Leased cars driving across boundaries: The leased cars do not comply with the agreement and do not drive in specific areas or routes, which seriously harms the interests of the car rental companies.

    But if the leasing company installs a GPS locator on every car, it will definitely bring great benefits:

    1. It allows companies to control the operation of vehicles in real-time, preventing rent fraud and non-return behaviors overdue;

    2. Improve the market competitiveness of enterprises and ensure the safety of operating (vehicle) property;

    3. Reduce business risk costs, improve service levels, and enhance company strength;

    4. Provide a powerful and effective tool for the management of the current vehicle leasing industry.

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