• Why is the electric motorcycle GPS anti-theft locator sold very well?



    Electric motorcycles can be seen everywhere in people's lives. It not only facilitates people's travel, eases traffic pressure, but also is a part of green transportation. However, the theft of electric bicycles has become one of the more common theft crimes in society. Almost everyone has experienced theft of vehicles. People are eager to have a way to curb these behaviors.


    Social background

    The phenomenon of car theft is very serious and has become a major problem in public security.

    ● The product characteristics of the electric vehicle make it easy to steal and sell;

    ● About 25% of car owners have experience of stolen vehicles;

    Frequent cases of electric bicycles being stolen

    ● Electric bicycles are easy to steal, easy to identify and have high value, which is easy to become the target of thieves;

    ● Due to low technical content and lack of effective anti-theft products, the rate of theft of electric bicycles remains high;

    ● The case of electric bicycle theft is the current number of public security departments reporting a large number of cases and the detection rate is extremely low.

    The public security department is under pressure to solve the case

    ● Electric bicycle theft time is short, the transfer is fast, and the pressure for solving the case is huge;

    ● The number of cases of electric bicycle theft is high, and the number of reported cases affects the detection rate;

    ● The public security department lacks effective measures to combat the theft of electric vehicles and means of solving crimes. The public is dissatisfied.

    Feasibility analysis of electric vehicle GPS anti-theft locator monitoring

    In this social context, the intelligent anti-theft service of electric bicycles based on GPS and the Internet of Things is thus in demand. Introduce the concept of human-car interaction and communication interaction, face the crime of short-term theft and transfer of criminals, and use GPS satellite and base station positioning technology to assist the police to speed up the investigation through continuous positioning and tracking.


    Concox applies advanced wireless communication technology and GPS technology to the location service of people and vehicles and launched the GPS anti-theft tracking terminal for electric bicycles. Concox ET25 Small and Light E-bike GPS Tracker.

    ET25 is a smart anti-theft terminal specially designed for electric vehicles. It is small in size, easy to hide and install, and is not easy to be discovered by thieves. It has a wide voltage range and is suitable for all types of vehicles It has multiple alarms, automatic arming, and remote locking. Function, once the whole vehicle or battery is stolen, it will send out power, vibration, and displacement alarm information, to a certain extent to prevent battery theft; if the vehicle is stolen, the owner can realize remote lock at the first time, and it integrates With GPRS and satellite positioning technology, after the event, with the assistance of the positioning system, the theft of vehicles can be recovered as soon as possible, reducing the loss Of the owner.

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