• Why Fleet Managers Need Comprehensive Asset Tracking?



    Not long ago, local grocery stores were lined with empty shelves. Toilet paper and hand sanitizer shortages gripped headlines from California to New York. In the throes of the COVID-19 era, demand for basic goods had so abruptly shifted that transportation and logistics companies were forced to react at breakneck speed to the unprecedented surge, all while maintaining worker safety.

    The issue is, managers can only truly manage what they see – and need to know exactly where vehicles and equipment are in order to properly use them. Real-time visibility of critical assets, which can be anything from fleet equipment to humans, is essential for operating a supply chain at peak efficiency. The pandemic is exposing a need for access to insights for moving assets across all sectors, especially when multi-tiered distribution models are relied upon. Fast, real-time decisions are only delivered when a fleet manager knows the real-time location of all tools in their arsenal. Fleet managers need an end-to-end asset tracking solution that works anywhere, indoors or outdoors, with the no-nonsense setup to scale.

    Fleet management is evolving to include not only gaining visibility into a vehicle’s location but even further – into the items on or associated with the vehicle, whether they are scooters or pallets of soda. This encompasses tracking the trailer, the vehicle cab, in addition to the individual items inside the trailer (i.e. hand trucks).

    Moreover, fleet tracking doesn’t always mean a vehicle in motion. A fleet of vans stored on an expansive property can rack up hours in labor costs for personnel who are tasked with finding a needle in a haystack. This knowledge is important for automobile manufacturers, car dealers, and leasing companies.

    If you’re one of those assets or fleet managers who have yet to take advantage of today's efficiency-driving GPS tracking technology the all-new comprehensive asset tracking solution will be a true game-changer for your business or organization. Concox will empower your business with a comprehensive asset tracking solution.



    1. Assets are bound one-to-one with the terminal based on GPS, LBS, Wi-Fi, and other positioning technologies. 

    Realize the visual and accurate positioning of the assets from the warehouse, transportation, signing, and storage. Provide data for remote inventory and preventing cross-selling, stealing, hoarding.

    2. Geo-fence Alert – Know Your Assets Status

    Logistics Facilities Management: For important logistics facilities during transportation, users can set geo-fences, so they can know the transit of assets timely.

    Enter/Exit Alert: Users will be notified when the assets enter or leave a geo-fence.

    Multiple Geo-fence Shapes: The platform enables users to set geofences by administrative regions (province,  city, or county) or in circle or polygon.

    3. Detect the temperature and humidity – Ensure Cold Chain transportation

    Temperature & Humidity Monitor: When the temperature and humidity value exceeds the specified threshold, the terminal will automatically upload alarm notification so that the supervisor can take measures to ensure the safety of assets transportation.

    4. Unpacking Alert – Ensure Assets Security

    The device uploads an alarm and the current location when the assets are unpacked to ensure the assets are directed to the right unit.


    Assets are safe during transit.

    Assets won't be requisitioned by any third party.

    Whereabouts of assets are clear.


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