• Why do people download GPS tracking apps



    Mobile applications are born to be as simple as possible. “Solutions for dummies”, this name could be used for Apple Store and Google Play to make everything clear.

    The lion’s share of mobile tracking programs are absolutely useless in this case and got less than 500 downloads for all the time. The problem is that people don’t really understand what they want to use.

    We mark 3 general reasons why people may try to use GPS tracking apps in their smartphones.

    Reason 1: Interest

    Whatever the appearances, a lion’s share of mobile app downloads is inspired by the simple human interest. People read something interesting on Facebook and want to get the highlighted product on their phones also because this fun would be absolutely free.

    The truth is that most people absolutely don’t need GPS tracking in their life. By the way, it is an important thing to know before you make a decision to build your own startup there.

    People are guided by their consuming instincts and ready to try something new, thus their interest can quickly fade out. According to statistics of Navixy (a GPS tracking software developer – editor’s note), more than 76% of users with a single device decline the service after 2-3 months of use. A stylish high-end toy becomes boring faster than you could imagine. The business interest is definitely more stable.

    Reason 2: We really have things to care about

    People are ready to waste their time and even money for something that can kill their existing or call a potential headache. First of all, it is about our lovely people.

    Sometimes we really need to know the current location of our relatives. Especially, when we mean our kids and granny or grandpa. The technology-inspired family guy can spend a spare hundred of bucks for something like SmartSoles for his lovely older person or graceful gismos like Trax Family for kids and pets.

    As a rule, this stuff can drain your purse. However, it gives you more or less real solution to protect your family and give you appeasement because you do the best you can. But all the same, you should remember that you family members need your love and care more than any cutting-edge solutions you read about on CNet or anywhere else.

    It is also true for your assets. We want to keep our cars and houses in safety. Internet of Things era is coming to make our dreams real. You may feel the necessity to be in the loop and using your smartphone as potential people and asset tracker using one of thousand GPS mobile applications. However, it sounds pathetically, you will need it only when you will really need it. Not earlier.


    Reason 3: Money talks

    As noted above, business interest in GPS tracking, and mobile GPS solutions also, is smooth. It is sustained by money and time will be saved after solution integration.

    For example, fleet management becomes more and more popular business option with the 5.9 millions of installed FMS units only in North America. The mobility trend is also clear. Some big GPS providers face the trend that the revenue made by a customer who uses their mobile apps become higher than income from their traditional sources.

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