• Why choose our Concox JM-EG03 Electrical bike GPS Tracker?


    Today I ‘d like to bring one new Electrical bike GPS Tracker for you. That is JM-EG03. Six parts will be taken to u with a detail introduction to our new device and our company.

    First, let ‘s see come to Product View: JM-EG03 is an intelligent GPS tracker for electric bikes. It aims to improve the security of E-bike with the feature of real-time location and multiple alerts and can be used to replace the original alarm for becoming more functional. 

    For the operation it allows users to lock and unlock via Bluetooth and operate by mobile app, making them enjoy the convenience that activated by the synergy between intelligent terminal and E-bike.

    There are 10 main features of JM-EG03

    With these many features, what are the specials comparing with the current market standard bike tracker?

    Highlights features:

    1. Remote Control And Intelligent Lock/Unlock

    Users can remotely operate by Bluetooth and mobile phone, such as:

    Automatically lock(When leaving)

    Automatically unlock(When approaching)

    Start by mobile phone control

    Open storage space by phone control

    Thieves are no longer able to start the vehicle with stolen keys, and once illegal wheels turn, buzzer activated and notification sent.

    3. Voice Notification

    When a thief is stealing the E-bike, a built-in buzzer can be triggered to alert with 105dB noise to warn both thieves and owners.

    4. Multiple Alerts

    After sharing our firmware advantages,  pls be with me to get some hardware device data.

    EG03 no matter hardware or firmware, both do a nice design. so it will do a lot of work in E-bike factory installed-market, E-bike distribution, and E-bike sharing service. We hope this device can take more safety and add value to our clients and end-users.

    Why choose our Concox JM-EG03?

    Concox is a company with 20 years of field experience. More than 1500 employees, 6 RD centers, 600 professional engineers. During the past years of hard work, our solution service in 150 countries for different agents or country project. 

    Concox & Jimi not only do hardware devices selling. Tracksolid our platform server exist 5 million devices, Complete set of services designed for remote management, fleet tracking, asset tracking, and a diverse set of vertical applications. We warmly welcome you to do testing with the platform later.

    If you interest in this, please feel free to contact us,at


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