• Why Asset Management is Important in the Construction Industry


    Why Asset Management is Important in the Construction Industry?Work-critical equipment is notoriously expensive in this industry, and proper management is essential if you’re going to protect your bottom line. However, beyond the equipment itself, asset management can also protect you against other kinds of waste, including underutilization, downtime, and unauthorized usage.

    Here are three ways Asset tracking GPS device can help you measure vital metrics and protect your business against waste: 

    1. Location Tracking

    Once you’ve fitted devices to your key assets, you’ll be able to track them at the click of a button. After inputting your designated worksite perimeter and normal usage hours, you can receive real-time alerts if your assets are used. 

    GPS tracking software can also act as a stolen vehicle or other asset recovery device, helping you recover lost or stolen items quickly and easily.


    2. Asset Monitoring

    With real-time asset tracking, you can measure your end-of-day inventory and usage, and improve visibility with real-time alerts. Checking this data regularly can help you catch issues early before they become bigger problems. Some asset trackers even include motion sensors that can detect changes in light, humidity, and temperature and then trigger a warning to notify you before equipment damage occurs.

    3. Workload Management

    Asset tracking software can help you streamline your operations too. Use your data to better allocate incoming work across nearby, available assets. You can also retrospectively analyze operations and discover cost-saving opportunities with timestamped reports.



    ConcoxJM-LL01 LTE Cat M1/NB2 GNSS Asset Tracker.With low power consumption and optimized data transmission. JM-LL01 series allows you to track and locote any asset, The intermal 10,000 battery anables an incredible battery life of up to 3 years, Tamper detection allows you to be notified should the device be removed from the asset, giving you peace of mind that your assets are protected, You can install them an all of your assets with the conwenient magnetic design.

    Real Time Tracking:You can track assets from trucks to heavy equipment in real time.

    Remote Control:The operator controls all machines remotely through one cloud-based dashboard, making it more efficient.

    Usage Logs:Working data analysis and control of all aspects of the project can reduce the risk of errors and improve work efficiency.

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