• Which GPS Tracker will better monitor the vehicle rental?


    The taxi industry has greatly enriched the services of the transportation industry. Most of the transportation modes for citizens are buses and private cars. The proportion of taxis is still relatively low, but the taxi industry is still One option, its convenience, service type, and other characteristics make it indispensable.

    However, the taxi industry also has much problems-large mobility of vehicles, complex passenger sources, difficult vehicle scheduling, poor driver service attitudes, etc. These pain points have also caused the taxi industry to fall into a "two days of ice and fire". Of course, most of these problems can be controlled by GPS locator. In order to protect the rights and interests of passengers, many taxi companies will add a GPS locator with a monitoring effect on the taxi. So, which GPS locator will have a better monitoring effect?



    If you run a car rental and leasing company, you really need to try out Concox JM-LL01 LTE CatM1 / NB2 GNSS Asset Tracker. This Cat-M, NB-IOT device is at the forefront of GPS tracking and telematics technology. Leveraging the latest Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) cellular technology, Concox's IoT devices, like the JM-LL01 are able to achieve excellent cellular coverage while maintaining ultra-low power consumption… all in a small form factor. The JM-LL01 was awarded PTCRB certification in April of 2020.

    Global Connectivity: Supporting multiple frequency bands.

    Unprecedented Battery Life: 10,000mah internal battery.

    Easy Setup and Installation: Unboxing and initial activation take about 5 minutes.

    Tamper Alert for Anti-Theft: he JM-LL01 ’s tamper alert will notify you immediately should the device be removed from the asset.

    Bluetooth App configuration: Instead of setting the parameters via SMS, it is now possible to configure the settings via Bluetooth App

    Concox JM-LL01 is also ideal for Fleet Management, Operator's choice, and Logistics!

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