• Where is the motorcycle locator installed? how to install?


    With the popularity of motorcycles, more and more people choose motorcycles for short-distance travel, and the problem of easy motorcycle loss is followed. At this time, the role of the motorcycle positioner is becoming more and more important. Everyone must have installed their own after purchasing the motorcycle positioner. How to install and install it is a common question. There are many models of locators in the market. Let's take Concox ET25 E-bike GPS Tracker as an example for everyone's doubts.

    Firstly, the ET25 is briefly introduced. This is an IoT terminal specially designed for intelligent management of electric motorcycle. It is compact and easy to hide and install. It uses narrow-band IoT technology with lower power consumption to meet wide-area coverage and realize underground garage. Equal depth coverage for more scene applications.

    Product features Double star positioning: Support GPS+LBS positioning, positioning accuracy <10m in open environment, track vehicle position in real time. Vibration alarm: In the armed state, when the vibration sensed by the terminal exceeds the set vibration sensitivity level, vibration alarm information is generated and uploaded to the platform. Power failure alarm: When the terminal's main power is disconnected, a power failure alarm message is generated and uploaded to the platform. Loss protection: When the battery power of the electric vehicle drops to the specified threshold, the device will automatically switch to the built-in backup battery working mode to prevent the battery from being depleted. Remote power cut-off: The terminal intelligently performs safe power-off and flame-out commands according to the speed of the vehicle. It is difficult for thieves to easily escape from the scene and gain time for recovering the vehicle. Wide voltage range: 9-90V wide voltage design, suitable for all types of vehicles, to meet the needs of various scenes of electric bicycles. Backup battery: Built-in industrial grade lithium polymer backup battery, when the terminal main power is disconnected or low power, the backup battery can still be used normally for 3 hours. Low battery alarm: When the voltage of the built-in backup battery in the terminal is lower than the set threshold, a low battery alarm message is generated and uploaded to the platform.

    Note 1, the product installation should face up to the sky; 2, if there is a metal insulation layer or heating layer, it will reduce the satellite signal strength reception, which may make the satellite difficult to locate, please replace the motorcycle positioner installation position. After carefully reading the above contents, the owner of the motorcycle should have already answered the question “Where is the motorcycle positioner installed? How to install it?”, pay attention to the cover when you install it yourself, pay attention to waterproof.

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