• Where is the Market for Personal GPS Tracker?


    The rapid economic development has brought many social problems.  The terrible news, such as trafficking in women or children, robbery, and the old people getting lost, is often reported by the media. People are becoming more and more insecure and hope to protect themselves or their loved ones with the help of some technology products. Thus, personal GPS tracker comes into being.



    Then, where is the market for personal locators?

    1. The child market

    Every child is a treasure of the family. However, it is often heard that children have been trafficked, getting lost in the crowd and so on. The personal GPS locator can track the child in real time and set a geo-fence. whenever the child walks out of a specific range, tracker will automatically send an alert. Therefore, parents can give their children a personal tracking device. With this tracking unit, they don't have to worry so much.

    2. The student market

    There are a large number of students in primary and secondary schools. Parents don’t worry about the trafficking problem when their children grow up. However, they are wondering what their children are doing every day, where to go after school. Personal GPS tracker can solve this problem for parents.

    3. The young women market

    More and more young women are being harassed by unscrupulous heterosexuals and even being physically attacked when they go out alone. It is more likely to happen when women are in the remote area, or in the dark places such as under the bridges, overpasses and tunnels. It is very vulnerable to personal accidents. Personal GPS tracker is such a perfect product for this group. When an emergency occurs, you can press the SOS button to dial the set guard number, and well protect yourself.

    4. The elderly market

    With the approach of aging society, the old people with diseases such as Alzheimer often go out and then they can't find their way home. As the elderly get older, their children will worry about the old man's physical health. They worry that the elderly fall down outside, or diseases such as high blood pressure suddenly attack while the children are at work. There are more and more empty nesters nowadays and it becomes much more necessary to wear this secure product. It has a one-click SOS button for any emergency, and there is a two-way communication function, the elderly can talk with their children if they are lonely.

    5. The tourism market

    Travel agency can provide personal GPS locator to monitor tourists’ security, avoiding leaving the group or losing during travel and then causing accidents. Once the emergency occurs, you can quickly send SOS distress signal and accurate positioning, facilitating rescuers reached accurate rescue site ASAP. For travel agency, it is a kind of excellent secure management. With this product, they can guarantee tourist’s safety and help provide rapid rescue in time, improving the quality of travel agency services.

    6. The field work market

    Geological surveys, oil exploration, surveying and mapping units, field operations units… all these jobs require go deep into some places where few people are living. Personal GPS tracker can find the specific location, and provide real-time tracking and monitoring protection

    The above is a simple summary of the common application market of personal GPS locator. However, in these few application markets, we can see the huge need for this product. I believe that in the near future, personal GPS tracking device will become a necessity in life. I also hope that our concox personal GPS tracker can better serve and protect everyone.


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