• What will happen if the Vehicle GPS tracker has an abnormal network? What is the cause of the exception?


    With the development of the city, more and more roads have been extended, and the traffic has been very developed. And cars, whether they are private cars, taxis, buses, or urban construction functional vehicles, can be seen on the road.

    In order to facilitate travel, vehicles in many different industries will use the vehicle fleet tracking system. The use of Vehicle GPS tracker is more and more common, and for these industries, it can play a great management role, such as anti-theft, electronic fence, and other functions. However, some small problems occasionally occur with GPS locators, which makes people who do not understand locators more confused. Today, let’s talk about the problems related to network abnormalities in the locator:

    What is the abnormal performance of the GPS tracker network?

    The GPS tracker has an abnormal network, and the direct manifestation is that the location is not accurate. Or there is no real-time location update of the vehicle on the GPS platform, which will delay the normal operation of the locator.


    What are the reasons for the abnormality of the GPS locator network?

    1. The GPS signal of the device is weak

    AN abnormal GPS tracker network means that the GPS signal of the vehicle is weak. When a vehicle is driving to an underground parking lot, tunnel, etc., the GPS signal that the vehicle can receive is very weak, which is very likely to cause an abnormal device network. When the vehicle leaves these areas with weak or no signal, the network returns to normal and the GPS locator can continue to be used normally. This is a relatively common phenomenon and has little effect on ordinary vehicles.


    2. Wrong installation location

    When installing the GPS tracker, make sure that there is no metal wrap around the locator, otherwise, it is very likely to affect the locator's receiving signal and cause the locator's network to be abnormal.

    Of course, it is also possible for users to use the locator's network for a period of time before abnormal conditions occur. At this time, we can consider that the equipment may be caused by the vibration of the vehicle during our daily driving, which causes the positioner to shift, and the positioner is "misplaced" to other places, resulting in poor signal reception of the positioner, and therefore abnormal positioner network. The user only needs to re-adjust the position of the locator, and the locator can resume normal use.


    3. Extreme weather

    The locator may also be affected by extreme weather, and the device's signal reception may be poor, resulting in incorrect positioning services. Of course, except that the positioning may be affected, for safety reasons, it is not recommended that you travel in extreme weather.

    In addition to the above three reasons, another possibility is the quality of the positioner. If you buy a low-quality locator, the quality is not guaranteed, so network abnormalities may occur.


    When you find that your Vehicle GPS tracker has an abnormal network, you can follow the above points to find the cause! If you want to learn more about Vehicle GPS tracker, at

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