• What type of vehicle GPS tracker is suitable for the auto finance industry?

    Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of living standards, it has become a trend for the younger generation to borrow money to buy cars, and the auto finance industry that has developed from this also provides young people in need with more variable and free loan options. As far as the financial industry is concerned, in order to prevent loan owners from experiencing undesirable phenomena such as vehicle repayment, fraudulent payment, loan evasion, etc., choosing a reasonable risk control policy and related GPS tracker products is also the top priority.


    Then, the GPS tracker product that best meets the risk control needs of the auto finance industry must meet the following points:

    1. Anti-detection

    Loan owners with bad intentions often buy equipment to detect GPS trackers in an attempt to disassemble or destroy them. The most common method is to detect them through pseudo base stations. In order to deal with such behaviors, GPS locators should be able to refuse to connect or directly after detecting pseudo base station signals. The function of entering sleep mode.

    2. Anti-disassembly

    GPS tracker with anti-disassembly alarm function usually has two operating modes, one is the physical structure power failure alarm, the other is to set up light-sensitive alarm components, the latter is to determine whether it is affected by changes in external light. Disassembly has a lower false alarm rate and is, therefore, more reliable.

    3. long standby

    Since the auto finance loan business is generally a long-term project, in order to meet the needs of wind control, the GPS tracker should have a long standby time. To achieve this function, it usually automatically enters sleep after setting the position return time independently.

    In addition to the above advantages, the Concox vehicle fleet tracking system also adds functions such as regional alarm, timed return, and week mode. It supports WiFi positioning and can check potentially risky vehicles anytime and anywhere so that the auto finance industry no longer has to worry about it. learn more at

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