• What should you do instead to reduce transportation costs?




    There are many reasons why your transportation logistics costs are skyrocketing. For example, a lack of planning and transparency or bad decision making can lead to increased overall costs, failed delivery or appointment targets, unhappy customers, and ultimately a loss of business. 

    So, what should you do instead to reduce transportation costs? Well, here are 2 important things you should consider doing.

    1 Monitor Your Drivers

    Planning optimized routes may be the most important step, but it won’t have any impact on your costs if your field reps or drivers don’t follow it. They may make personal stops, idle vehicles for too long, brake frequently, or even accelerate harshly to make up for delayed deliveries or appointments. All such actions will inevitably lead to increased fuel expenses. Bad driving behavior can even lead to excessive fuel usage or cause road mishaps which means that the damage costs will also add up.

    Therefore, you should track your drivers and vehicles and see what the drivers do on the road. To do this, you can use a GPS tracker to monitor your vehicles in real-time and set up speed alerts to get notified as soon as a driver speeds. A tracker can even help you protect your vehicles from theft.

    Also, if you go for a route optimization software that comes with GPS tracking, you’ll get the best of both worlds: you’ll be able to plan routes and track the drivers’ progress.

    2 Educate and Reward Your Field Reps

    Drivers and field reps are the most important stakeholders in transportation and you cannot reduce costs without their 100% involvement, even with the best process in place. So, let them know why it is important for the business to save on fuel costs as well as how they can contribute to keeping the expenses down. Then, reward them for fuel-efficient driving which will boost their morale and commitment to saving more.

    A route optimizer will go a long way in helping you with this. Its reporting and analytics feature will give you the data you need to identify every fuel expenditure which you can then use to provide feedback to your drivers about their performance.  

    So, what should you do instead to reduce transportation costs? At Concox, our R&D team has designed JM-VL02 LTE Cat M1 & NB2 Fleet Tracker devices to address use cases that are becoming more and more in demand in the ever-evolving telematics industry.

    The benefits of JM-VL02 series can be seen in:

    1:Streamlined Operations: Live GPS tracking allows you to monitor your fleet in real-time while automated reports provide insight into driver behavior, improving fleet management efficiency.

    2:Reduced Service and Maintenance Costs: The JM-VL02 can help you reduce costs in a variety of ways. From everyday data like route management and fuel usage to other protections such as sending a notification if a burglar enters or damages your parked car, Jimi telematics solutions may pay for themselves quicker than you may expect.

    3:Improved Driver Safety and Customer Response: From our web- and app-based platform, fleet managers can monitor bad driving behavior such as speeding, harsh acceleration/braking, and lane departure. By coaching their drivers, operators are able to enhance fleet safety and improve resource efficiency. In the event of an accident, an in-cabin SOS button can be activated, immediately notifying first responders or other assistance.

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