• What should I do if the GPS tracker of the car is inaccurate?

    Whether it is an individual car owner or an auto finance company, in the process of using a GPS tracker, it will encounter inaccurate positioning. This is a big problem for people with high requirements for position data, so today I will introduce several methods to solve the inaccurate positioning of the locator. On the premise that the use environment of the locator is high interference, if the positioning is not accurate, you can try the following tips:

    ① Make the GPS tracker more exposed to the open environment. In principle, satellite positioning can be performed with 4 satellites, but if more satellites participate in data analysis operations, it is obvious that the positioning information will be more accurate. Therefore, if you often park your car in an underground parking lot near a high-rise building, positioning errors will naturally occur.


    ② Keep away from electromagnetic interference. The transmission of GPS signals is subject to electromagnetic interference, especially some high-powered devices. Therefore, it is necessary to choose objects that are away from electromagnetic interference during installation. Keep the positioner working in an interference-free environment.

    ③ "Renewal" of equipment can be considered. This suggestion is suitable for those owners who have been using a device for a long time, because the speed of upgrading electronic products is relatively fast, and the subsequent product development changes product details as market demand changes. The faster the search, the faster and more accurate the device positioning.


    ④ It is necessary to give GPS tracker time to the work environment. The startup of GPS equipment is divided into the hot, cold and warm startup. If your GPS tracker is often used, then it can quickly find satellites by using satellite position memory during work; if it is not used for a long time, you have to start it again. Re-searching the satellite positioning will take some time. But generally, it does not last long, and after it is successfully positioned once, subsequent positioning work will proceed smoothly.

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