• What problems can GPS trackers help the logistics industry solve?

    Now that e-commerce is developing faster and faster, products are gradually diversified, and the scope has been globalized, so the development of logistics has also risen to a stage of full acceleration. But the rise of the entire industry is bound to have some problems. The current logistics industry has higher and higher requirements for the speed and efficiency of logistics vehicles and deployment, but the overall service quality needs to be improved, and the effective connection of various aspects of work has become a problem. Some problems may seem normal, but they are actually ill in an industry, and services have not kept pace with development. In this industry, relatively backward companies will always be eliminated and have to withdraw from the market.



    As a profitable company, the major needs of major companies in the logistics industry are to minimize operating costs and meet customer needs as much as possible. Only in this way can we obtain corresponding continuous markets and market opportunities. But the current logistics companies basically have the following problems.

    High transportation costs, low vehicle utilization, poor management of logistics vehicle drivers (even violations that harm the company's interests), uneven service attitudes of the courier, and sometimes the time required for the transportation of goods exceeds reasonable plans; for customers, Some problems faced are: the goods are not delivered in a timely manner, the integrity of the goods is not guaranteed, and they are treated rudely by the courier.

    For vehicle management, GPS trackers have been the first choice. The same applies to the logistics industry. The GPS locator can solve the problems mentioned above. Let's start with the position of the logistics company:

    The transportation cost is high, and the cost is basically spent on fuel costs, tolls, and drivers' salaries. Normal consumption is an inevitable cost, and what the GPS locator can do is to eliminate those unnecessary costs. For example, if today's truck drivers are not their own vehicles, many of them will use public vehicles and money to do their own personal affairs. Stealing oil, concealing tolls, and carrying other goods. GPS locator can monitor the change of fuel quantity and running track in real-time in the background, where the driver went, how long it took, and where he stayed can be found out. Management personnel can make reasonable work scheduling and scheduling based on the statistics of the background to avoid the above violations.

    In addition, the locator has fence management and several alarm functions, which can not only supervise the work of the driver to ensure its regularity but also help to monitor the driver's safe driving and ensure the safety of the driver and the cargo.     


    For the client, it is necessary to strengthen the training of the courier, strengthen the indoctrination of the enterprise, and improve the service quality. We must implement the reward and punishment system so that we can play a vigilant role in standardizing work.


    Here we take the Concox GT06E 3G Multifunctional GPS Tracking Device as an example. These two positioners have real-time positioning, Overspeed alarm, historical track playback, remote power outage and remote monitoring, SOS alarm function, and can also detect and count vehicle driving data, which can be effective from the root cause. Containing some problems in the transportation industry will play a role in protecting drivers and customers. If the driver is overspeeding, the locator Overspeed alarm will be triggered; if there is any danger to the vehicle, the locator SOS alarm will immediately ask the administrator for help; if an abnormal situation occurs in the vehicle, the locator will also listen to the recording Role, or it can be a powerful safeguard evidence. If you want to know more about GT06E 3G Multifunctional GPS Tracking Device, at

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