• What is vehicle fleet tracking system?


    The vehicle fleet tracking system is a SaaS software tailored specifically for fleet management. It provides a complete set of system services from booking a car, dispatching orders, positioning monitoring, video monitoring, driver ordering to subsequent financial settlement, violation inquiries, and statistical analysis. , To meet the needs of different usage scenarios of different fleets, to help fleets improve customer experience, reduce vehicle vacancy rates, monitor driver work conditions, query vehicle violations, and intuitively count bicycle benefits.


    1. Shift scheduling

    The system effectively helps you to arrange shifts reasonably, avoid scheduling conflicts or waste of resources, and the car record is clear. Tasks can assign drivers or grab orders, and notify drivers and car users in batches.

    2. Positioning system

    Real-time monitoring of multiple people and vehicles at the same time, supported by mobile phones and computers Check the real-time location of the vehicle, check the driving track, driving speed, driving kilometers, driving time, etc. at any time.

    3. Fuel consumption and vehicle condition detection

    In addition to achieving accurate positioning, it also supports fuel consumption detection, ultra-long idle detection, vehicle condition detection, and dangerous driving behavior detection.

    4. Video surveillance system (ADAS)

    Based on AI vision technology and image recognition, it can intelligently detect dangerous driving behaviors such as smoking/telephone of drivers, and support pedestrian detection and early warning, lane departure warning, etc.

    5. Financial Management

    Real-time reporting, uploading vouchers, and easy approval. View bicycle revenue and account details. Data sharing, process management.

    6. Worry-free management

    Safely keep the vehicle and driver information, support the setting of reminders for various annual inspections and insurance of vehicles, support automatic batch query of violations, and support free setting of reminder cycles and reminder methods, so that you can manage without worry.

    7. Clear roles

    Car users: place orders on APP and web.

    Administrator: Simultaneous supervision of APP and web.

    Driver: APP accepts orders/reimbursements/requests for leave.

    8. Electronic fence, path fence

    Set up the electronic fence of the equipment, and remind in time when entering and leaving the fence. Set up route fences, plan the driving route reasonably, and prevent the route from deviating.

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