• What is the trend for ASEAN GPS tracker market?



    Today, we will discuss the trend of the ASEAN GPS Tracker market going. 

    includes 2 parts:

    1. Current Status and Pain Points 
    2. Concox AI-powered GPS Tracker
    • Current Status and Pain Points: 

    Let’s come to the first part, current GPS Tracker market status and pain points. We found some data on the Marketwatch website that the Global GPS Tracker market will reach USD2.72 billion in 2023. At that time, the ASEAN market will do 16.42%. How these countries to run this business? We take into two parts. Regulation environment and competitive environment.

    Not hard to find cheap cost devices still the main player in the Aspen market. The device will around 8-20USD. These manufacturers have the ability to offer platforms and devices together. At the same time. These devices still basic features. Like real-time tracking, fuel cut, anti-theft.

    Driving safety will be the main point. With the rapid development and people living increasing, safety will become the key point in transportation work. 

    In 2017, Indonesia happened 134.3 thousand accidents.

    Same thing in Thailand. Yearly accidents in 60,000 cases. Top 2 in global traffic accident hurt. 73% of death from a motorcycle rider. News from WHO 2017.

    • Jimi & Concox AI-powered GPS Tracker

    It is high time to bring more high Technology GPS trackers for the ASEAN market. AI-powered GPS Tracker will be the main star in this field. Concox always foregoer to make suit device for the market. To meet safety driving, I ‘d like to introduce two Concox new devices for you. That is JM-VG01U & JM-VG02U UBI device. UBI feature is User-based insurance. What are the advantages of comparing with current market devices?

    With usage-based insurance, an auto insurance company calculates your premium based on your driving behavior. The company uses a telematics device to track factors like your mileage and speed. If you’re a safe driver, usage-based insurance could lower your auto insurance rates. For data and insurance company, Tracksolid provides sufficient raw data and open its API for easy integration, which allows data company to create its business intelligence module based on local policy and driving score management.

    Another special feature of UBI devices is INS GPS tracking. About the feature of the INS algorithm, it solves the problem that when your vehicles enter non-GPS areas, real-time constant location data will be still reported, as usual, the historical route will be displayed on platform coherently, and the mileage data will be recorded as well. In this way, your discomfort with location spots jumping and worries in valuables delivery can be dispelled. The INS algorithm also plays a crucial role in vehicle visibility, especially when your vehicles enter areas with no GPS signal. When a vehicle enters a GPS-dark area, this INS allows real-time location data to be reported, as usual, making incoherent historical routes and faulty mileage data a thing of the past. Because of INS, you’ll have no more stressing over inaccurate or confusing tracking data, and have even more confidence in your data. 

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