• What is the effect of installing GPS tracker on muck truck?


    Architecture is becoming more and more important in the process of urban construction. Among them, the problem of construction waste treatment and governance has become more obvious, which is a difficult problem for municipal management. We can see some news about the construction sites of some projects, where construction waste is dumped at will, and muck trucks go to the streets at will, causing dust on the roads and streets, which not only affects the normal flow of road traffic, affects traffic safety, but also pollutes the environment. Interfere with the normal life of surrounding citizens.

    Muck trucks refer to trucks that transport construction materials such as sand and gravel. Generally, they are large-sized trucks. Such vehicles are not allowed to operate in urban areas during the day. In addition, muck trucks often have traffic violations, car accidents, and other incidents, coupled with environmental pollution, etc., are often in the public opinion. How to make the muck truck, which is indispensable for urban construction, drive more safely on the road is a very important matter.



    In response to the series of problems of the muck truck, GPS locators can be installed on the muck truck, and the intelligent management platform can be used to implement full scientific control of the muck truck.

    After the muck truck is installed with a GPS tracker, it can realize the all-day positioning monitoring service of the muck truck, and real-time monitoring of the location, driving speed, and mileage of the vehicle can be achieved. You can also set the maximum vehicle speed per hour based on actual road traffic and safety considerations. If the muck truck exceeds the set speed per hour, the device will send an alarm to the platform and save the alarm record for retrieval.


    On the platform, the historical driving trajectory of the muck truck will also be kept, and relevant departments can inquire about the driving route of the muck truck in any period of time or information such as where and how long it stays. After the GPS tracker is installed on the muck truck, the platform can remotely manage the vehicles, which can effectively standardize the transportation behavior of muck trucks, control dust pollution, and avoid the muck trucks from pulling the mining muck without approval and not following the prescribed routes. No one cleans up traffic pollution and road traffic pollution.

    The muck truck is an indispensable part of the urban construction process, so it is very important to regulate it. In addition to strengthening daily supervision and inspection, relevant departments can also integrate management systems to better manage muck trucks. Concox GPS tracking devices for fleet trucks.Know the muck truck, utilization, and maintenance record of your rental equipment, helping in reducing the complexity of management, improving customer service, and maximizing business value.

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