• What is the difference between a car's built-in GPS and a GPS tracker?


    The built-in GPS function of the car has several points that need attention when using it. When using GPS for the first time or leaving it for a long time to use again, the search process may take several minutes; in some specific environments, such as near tall buildings, tunnels, etc. In basements, forest canyons, or places with geomagnetic fields, the positioning accuracy will be affected, and it will not even be possible to locate.

    1. Location information of this station

    With the GPS function turned on, information about the location of your station is displayed on the left side of the screen. The compass shows the current driving direction, and the number below shows the current speed.

    2. Location information of the other station

    In digital V / D mode, GPS position information and voice signals can be transmitted simultaneously, so the position and direction of the other station can be calculated and displayed in real-time during communication.

    With the platform setting option, you can choose the time interval (1, 2, 5, 10, 30, 60, unit seconds) to save the location information. The platform can save each coordinate point to the SD card. After the trip, export the data to the PC through the SD card, and use the map software to display the driving trajectory of the trip, such as querying at a certain point in time, which is very helpful for friends who write travel notes or travel guides!


    What about the car GPS tracker?

    The owner purchases an additional GPS tracker for the car, so whether the owner, family or friends have an account password, they can independently check the car's location, speed, mileage, Information such as alarms is more comprehensive and the user experience is better.

    The car's GPS can only be used to display the current direction of travel, and the lower number shows the current speed. While car GPS navigation can only be used for navigation and positioning, a car GPS tracker can help you manage the car. Especially for some car loans, financial leasing, online car rental, logistics, rental and other companies is even more important. Because there are many cars under their name, individual management is very inconvenient. The use of the car, location information, mileage and fuel consumption information, driver information, route, and itinerary need to be controlled. If this information cannot be connected with each other, it is difficult to manage. , The utilization rate and efficiency will be very low.

    The GPS tracker can connect all this information to a monitoring platform, and obtain comprehensive visibility through real-time monitoring of the location, vehicle and driver data. All vehicle information is at a glance, and the data is guaranteed to facilitate dispatch management.


    Let's take Concox GT06E 3G Multifunctional GPS Tracking Device as an example.

    As an NBTC and DLT approved tracking device, the GT06E is a feature-rich 3G tracker that provides valuable insight into the performance of your fleet. In addition to basic tracking functions such as geofence alerts, ACC status detection, and real-time location tracking, the GT06E also allows for multiple I / Os to connect various other peripheral sensors. And internal HSPDA and GSM antenna. RFID reader and fuel level sensor, etc. Features such as multiple alarms, SOS emergency call, voice monitoring and so on, make it perfect for logistics, fleet and auto finance management.

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