• What Influences Heavy Construction Equipment Theft?

    Over the past few years, Fleet Management systems have changed in many ways. In the early days, GPS tracking was mainly utilized for keeping an eye on fleet and assets. Today, new functionalities, such as Big Data analytics, engine health insight, driver behavior information, risk and performance evaluations, dispatching capabilities, and more, are transforming the way fleet owners run to manage their fleet. Fleet Management systems are designed to equip managers and business owners with crucial data to forecast targets, address costly processes, and scale business for growth. 

    Did you know that only 23% of stolen heavy equipment in the United States was recovered in 2014? This means big costs, not only for equipment owners but for equipment rental companies and even for the insurance companies themselves.


    1. Loaders Remain Top Equipment Stolen

    The type or class of heavy construction equipment stolen remained loaders (26%)1 – backhoes, skid steers, tracked and wheeled. Not far behind are tables (20%)1 comprising of air compressors, chippers, generators, light towers, and welders predominantly. While excavators ranked third on the list, the newly included category of trailers and RVs was not far behind. As you can read in the story below, these assets tend to be stolen together.

    2.New Top State for Theft

    Florida barely beat out California (25.7%)1 for the top state for theft (25.9%)1. Texas held its third-place position. These three states offer access to ports for shipping equipment or their parts overseas, and California and Texas offer close proximity to the border. Georgia was the 4th top state for theft. While Arizona and North Carolina tied in the fifth position to round out the top five popular states.

    3.Variety Seen in Top Months Preferred By Thieves, the top five months for thefts were:

    1.January (10.6%)

    2.April/October (9.3%, tied)

    3.March (9.1%)

    4.August (8.6%)

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