• What are the ways to check the GPS tracker terminal?

    Vehicle management using GPS tracker is now a solution that many mechanical vehicle managers will choose. Through the GPS tracker management staff can monitor the operation of all vehicles managed directly in the background. In order to ensure the orderly and effective work, and to supervise the behavior of drivers. So what are the ways to find vehicle information? Can it be viewed only on the computer?

    There are four ways to check the car of the GPS tracker terminal. It is not limited to the computer to view this type. It is the mobile APP check car, the SMS check, and the computer check.



    The mobile APP check refers to the user who needs to download the mobile phone software of the positioning platform and login into the background with a separate account password. In this way, the vehicle location information can be directly viewed on the mobile APP.

    SMS check is to use the mobile phone to send the SMS of the specified content to the SIM mobile phone number of the terminal, and the terminal will feedback the Chinese SMS of the current location. This method also only supports partial locators, can you ask the corresponding service provider?

    Finally, the common computer check car. This way is better than the visual effect. And the corresponding data viewing, report downloading, etc. are very convenient, so to carry out vehicle management, this method is the most suitable.


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