• What are the benefits of using vehicle fleet tracking system for sanitation vehicles?

    Sanitation vehicles are an important tool for urban cleaning, used to clean urban streets and roads and other areas, and are an important part of urban image construction. Sanitation vehicles need to be operated every day, and the geographical span is also large, so it is not so convenient and efficient to rely on manual supervision.

    We can often see sanitation vehicles driving out of the work area, occasionally the phenomenon of private use of public vehicles; or the drivers of sanitation vehicles driving irregularly, leading to traffic accidents. In the final analysis, the management of sanitation vehicles is not comprehensive and efficient. How to make sanitation vehicles work with the highest efficiency is one of the issues that relevant departments have always paid attention to.



    The traditional manual management mode is relatively backward and cannot receive the latest information in time. Therefore, it is very necessary for the management mode to switch to intelligent, digital, and online management. It is a relatively intelligent and efficient management method to install GPS locators on sanitation vehicles and connect to the information supervision platform to realize digital and intelligent supervision. At present, governments in many urban areas have equipped sanitation vehicles with GPS locators.

    The installation of vehicle fleet tracking system for sanitation vehicles and the monthly monitoring of vehicle operations can be used as the main basis for investment efficiency and payment for compliance. With the installation of GPS systems on sanitation vehicles, the monitoring platform can monitor the operating time, trajectory, and rate of vehicles in real time, and collect information statistics as an important basis for urban management decision-making, and promote the continuous improvement of mechanized operation efficiency.

    For vehicles installed with GPS locator and connected to the supervision system, the operation information can be queried at any time, and the relevant data is also summarized and counted by the system, and incorporated into grid management, which has changed the past situation of management relying on people and data reporting. . Relevant departments can evaluate the mechanized operations in various regions based on the monthly feedback from the GPS system, and focus on checking whether sanitation vehicles operate according to the "three-time periods" cleaning and cleaning time; whether the vehicle delivery rate meets the standard; whether the operation coverage meets the standard.

    The manager can also remotely control the sanitation vehicle, setting alarms, access control, and other functions for it. When the vehicle is speeding, the speeding alarm can be set on the platform to notify the management personnel. You can also control the entry and exit of the area, divide the driving range of the vehicle, and send an alarm notification to the relevant personnel when the vehicle enters or leaves a certain area.

    Connecting sanitation vehicles to the GPS supervision system can achieve better and more efficient supervision efficiency. Learn more at 

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