• What are the benefits of GPS trackers for engineering vehicle management?


    In modern cities, the start of a project often requires multiple aspects. The staff involved and work vehicle props are very large. For management personnel, whether it is personnel or vehicle props, the fewer the better, the better the management, and the more goals that need to be managed, the more likely it is that the supervision is in disorder. Fortunately, people on the construction site said that the workplace is limited and can only be seen on the construction site. But engineering vehicles are not necessarily. As a GPS tracker, which is mainly used for vehicle management, what benefits can it have for large engineering vehicles that are not conventional small bridge vehicles?


    1. Reduce certain vehicle investment costs. Utilizing GPS technology, there is no need to manually check the registration management one by one for managing the vehicles. A background, the manager can obtain all the vehicle dynamic information. Based on the data feedback, managers can make more reasonable vehicle deployment plans. Improve vehicle utilization and work efficiency. Then naturally you will find unnecessary vehicle purchases, reducing the cost of certain vehicle purchases from the side.

    2. Solve the problem of "cutting material" that often occurs in engineering. GPS positioning background can observe the running trajectory, dwell time, fuel consumption and real-time position of all vehicles. In order to make a more perfect time control plan, to avoid the phenomenon of unscheduled or unscheduled site supply due to various external factors reflected by vehicle personnel, affecting the progress of the project and customer experience.

    3. reduce the problem of line blind spots in dispatching. It is not possible for an enterprise to take only one order at a time, it is very likely that several construction sites are working together, and the manager needs to deploy on both sides. But people who work on the construction site often follow the project, and not everyone is familiar with the local area. Sometimes due to the problem of verbal phone scheduling, the driver could not give a clear direction and place, which caused a lot of time delay on the road, and the modest number of vehicles became a strained vehicle.


    4. reduce fuel consumption costs. It is estimated that all vehicle managers have encountered the problem of high fuel consumption. The driver said that he needed it, the gas ticket was given, and the administrator couldn't help it. You can use the GPS positioning platform to check the fuel consumption of each car. If there is an abnormality, you can directly correspond to which car to troubleshoot. This way back and forth a few times, the driver naturally did not dare to do speculation.

    5. to ensure the safety of drivers' cars. The construction site starts and the vehicle needs to run back and forth. Some drivers are anxious and will not drive the vehicle as required. Things like speeding, not driving on prescribed roads, fatigue driving, etc. These all affect the driver's safety issues, so if GPS equipment can be used to monitor the driver's safe use of the vehicle to a certain extent, it will also give the management peace of mind.

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