• What are the benefits of a GPS tracker for taxis?




    GPS tracker is a powerful work for people to monitor and manage vehicles. Many car owners add GPS trackers to their vehicles. Taxis will also be fitted with GPS trackers. 

    So, what are the benefits of a GPS tracker for taxis?



    The taxi industry has greatly enriched the service content of the transportation industry. Most of the forms of transportation for citizens travel are buses and private cars. The proportion of taxis is still relatively low, but the taxi industry is still a part of Chinese urban life. Its convenience and service characteristics make it indispensable.

    However, there are also many problems in the taxi industry-large vehicle mobility, complex passenger sources, difficult vehicle scheduling, poor driver attitude, etc. These pain points have also caused the taxi industry to fall into a state of "ice and fire". Of course, most of these problems can be controlled by the GPS tracker. 



    Here we take the Concox GT06N as an example. It has real-time positioning, Overspeed alarm, historical track playback, remote oil and power outage, remote monitoring, and SOS alarm functions. It can also detect statistics of vehicle driving data, which can effectively curb the existence of the taxi industry Some issues play a role in protecting drivers and passengers.

    If the driver is overspeeding, the locator Overspeed alarm will be triggered; if there is any danger to the vehicle, the locator SOS alarm will immediately ask the administrator for help; if an abnormal situation occurs in the vehicle, the locator will also listen to the recording Role, or it can be a powerful safeguard evidence.

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