• What's wrong with the GPS tracker platform showing offline?


    In the application of GPS tracker, I occasionally see that the GPS tracker is offline. What is the reason for this? In which cases does the GPS tracker show offline status? What are the specific methods of processing? Let's find out together!



    GPS tracker shows offline when:

    1, GPS tracker management platform expired solution: phone contact platform to renew.

    2. The GPS tracker is turned off (the device is not turned on or has no power) Solution: Put the device in the turned on state; log in to the monitoring management platform (mobile phone APP, computer platform) to check the battery capacity and determine whether there is power;

    3. The server did not receive the submitted data. Solution: It is most likely that the device is faulty, or it is most likely that the server is faulty. You can contact the company's customer service phone as soon as possible to make clear the situation that the device is not submitting data or is offline, which helps to solve the problem more efficiently and quickly.

    4, SIM card arrears solution: phone contact network service provider to renew

    5, SIM card contact is not normal Solution: reinstall the SIM card

    6, the vehicle is located in the underground garage, where the tunnel signal is weak. If the above reasons are excluded, the GPS tracker device is still offline. You can contact the company's after-sales service as soon as possible ( The company's customer service will Do it for you.

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