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    Container GPS tracker and monitoring technology is hardly a novel idea, but recent trends and technical advancements have accelerated an industry shift towards the increasing use of sensor-based Internet of Things (IoT) telematics devices and applications in the supply chain.

    Over the next several years, we can expect to see rapid technology development as IoT adoption scales up across many industrial, business and consumer applications. The container supply chain will benefit tremendously from this.

    First, there will be a proliferation of sensors to provide all sorts of intelligence. One telematics device can talk to literally hundreds of different IoT sensors using short-range wireless communications technology like Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), NFC and ZigBee. In the future, we expect that sensors will be used to keep tabs on just about everything and anything related to cargo and container status.



    Concox CT10 Container GPS Tracker. Designed for container transportation and cargo shipping, the 3G GPS tracker CT10 is a useful security solution providing enhanced visibility and security of assets in-transit across the world. Using WCDMA technology, the ALL NEW cost-effective, long-life asset GPS tracking device is able to provide accurate information on the whereabouts of the containers: over the ocean and overland in a seamless and efficient way.

    Gain full container visibility in-transit on road & rail as well as in container terminals and depots. Gain security and peace of mind by knowing where your assets are at all times, even in remote locations​. And provide accurate ETAs with live location sharing and decrease customer inquiries about shipment arrival times.

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