• Waste Cooking Oil Has Been Installed GPS Tracking Systemv

    Nowadays, the reporter learned from the Dalian City Sanitation Department that Dalian city 
    brought in the two-dimensional recognition technology to collect the waste oil, GPS monitor the whole transportation after installing GPS tracking systems.
    The collecting truck of waste cooking oil had their own "identity." 
    Currently, Dalia produces about 12 tons of waste edible oils after processing every day. Waste edible oils also call after flied oils, swill oil (food waste oil) and swill-cooked dirty oil. 
    In May of this year, Totally 51 used oil collection vehicles of waste edible oils business were installed with GPS tracking system, that monitor and realy-time tracking the collection oil vehicles. It cannot only improve the work efficiency, but also monitor the process of collection oils.
    In July, the City Sanitation Department in Dalian printed permit license for the business of collecting waste edible oils and collectors. Moreover, two-dimensional code recognition was also added to the permit license, which not only can regulate their production and business activities, but also provide a more convenient way for the Law enforcement group to notify that whether the collecting vehicles are legal or not.


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