• Why our fleet needs to choose Vehicle Tracking System


    Every transport organization has likely faced serious issues of delivery delays, increased expenses caused by fuel waste, or an incorrect path chosen by drivers in their course of business. In this article, you will learn how to minimize those risks and make the most efficient decisions for your business, using specialized solutions.

    One main feature of each vehicle tracking system is the determination of vehicle location; however, today’s business processes require additional information that would help obtain more precise details about where a particular vehicle is at in real time, how quickly it will reach its destination, and how much money an owner will lose in the event of an unexpected circumstance. Such information cannot be generated without corresponding software that can receive, process, and analyze data measured by various sensors.

    This is why it is important to build a GPS tracking system that provide companies with many more solutions and options than simple location tracking. Fortunately, there are many cloud-based and web-based tools that can save time for startup owners and provide them with a deep analysis of data received from specific vehicle hardware. We have prepared a list of top vehicle tracking software that will help you make more profit on cargo transportation.


    Business vehicle tracking benefits and features. We will try to outline the advantages offered by vehicle tracking that is likely to be considered most valuable to businesses.

    Safety – Safety is one of the most important things for a business to consider. Allowing your staff to act in an unsafe manner, or allowing them to work in an unsafe environment can have enormous repercussions. Vehicle tracking can help you to monitor your drivers carefully, ensuring that unsafe habits or practices are stamped out.

    Cost – Though there are costs associated with setting up and running a vehicle tracking system, it is important to remember the ROI. Tracking your drivers allows you to monitor routes and fuel usage, providing data which can be used to improve efficiency throughout your fleet.

    Customer satisfaction – As well as offering internal benefits, vehicle tracking can also allow you to provide information externally. With tracking in place, you can keep customers aware of your driver’s’ locations. This is useful in delivery businesses, but can also help in the sectors where customers need – or would like – to know a driver’s’ whereabouts.

    Locate – If you lose a vehicle or have one stolen, then tracking is the only way to find exactly where it has gone. From a security point of view, this is a valuable tool.

    Insurance – By using vehicle tracking on your vehicles you can become eligible for insurance discounts. The more vehicles tracked, the bigger the potential saving.

    Conxox's Vehicle Tracking System China offers tools and features that can help lower your costs and improve your company’s efficiency w. This service can help you track your vehicles and drivers no matter how large or small your fleet. You can monitor your company vehicles in real time and set up a variety of notifications. The software has mobile capabilities, and the company also offers a handful of support resources. 

    This fleet tracking system has the ability to track and locate your vehicles, giving you real-time updates regarding each of your vehicles, their routes and each stop your driver made. You can also track a vehicle’s mileage, fuel consumption and maintenance. You can also track all speed violations to ensure your drivers and those on the road around them are safe. 

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