• Use Motorcycle GPS Tracker Device to Protect Your Motorcycle from Thieves


    Popular and expensive brand or not, despite being locked in your garage, your motorcycle can still be snatched. Motorcycle theft is a huge problem in any country today. According to statistics, 192 motorcycles are stolen everyday and only 9% of them are successfully retrieved.Over 45,000 bikes are stolen in the United States every year. That’s more than one every 12 minutes! Even worse, most bikes are never recovered since they are pieced out and sold for parts (or rebuilt onto a legitimate frame). In the UK, it’s 21.69%. If your bike is one of the exotic types with expensive parts, then yours has a lower chance of recovery. According to National Crime Intelligence Service or NCIS UK, it only takes about 20 seconds for thieves to snatch a motorcycle. Most of the crimes are executed in the city, and what’s alarming is 80% of the stolen bikes are grabbed from the owner’s own garage.

    However, the same great things that make them great also make them prime targets for thieves. There is nothing standing in the way between a potential thief and your motorcycle’s ignition. Fortunately, you can use a Motorcycle GPS Tracker if the unthinkable happens.


    MT200 MOPLUS Motorcycle GPS Tracker



    Here comes the MOPLUS, a motorcycle GPS Tracker Device that will definitely stun you. Coupled with IP65 dustproof and waterproof case, it eliminates your worries about malfunction in tough conditions. Using the simplest design, MOPLUS has useful ability to cut off fuel and power without complex wiring. Furthermore, intelligent power management mechanism ensures maximum battery protection. MOPLUS is the best choice for motor renting, tracking and fleet management.


    GPS +AGPS Tracking: Provide up-to-the-minute speed and location updates.


    Intelligent power management: Save power when the device stops moving.


    Vehicle battery protection: It is designed to deliver optimal power performance for batterymanagement.


    IP65 dust and waterproof: Dust and water proof feature enables it to work under extreme weathers or conditions.


    ACC detection of ignition status: Let you know when the ignition is started and stopped.


    Remotely cut off fuel/power: Let you know when the ignition is started and stopped.


    Multiple alarms: Alerts will be triggered if overspeed, vibration, etc. detected.


    Finally, here are 5 useful Motorcycle Anti-Theft Tips for you.


    1. Lead Them Not Into Temptation.

    The less your bike is seen, the less likely a thief will cozy up to it. If you don't have a garage, keep it covered. Not knowing what's underneath makes it harder to assess the difficulty of stealing it ot to know if it's even a bike they want. By putting a BMW cover on your Harley, you can also create the impression that it is a bike that is less likely to be stolen than what it actually is.

    2. Steer Clear

    Although readily defeated, your bike's steering lock can be a first-step defense and will discourage easy maneuvering of the bike. It is even more useful if your ignition and steering locks are separate, so the thief needs to defeat two locks to escape with your scooter.

    3. The Power Of Two

    It's best to use two or more locks of different types in addition to your bike's built-in lock(s). Unless a thief has surveiled your bike, he probably won't be prepared to tackle different kinds of locks. And if one of them anchors the bike to something immovable, a gang won't be able to carry it to a truck.

    4. Make Some Noise

    Alarms may seem like a good way to attract attention to the fact that someone is attempting to purloin your bike, but in most places we have gotten so used to false alarms that people don't investigate or even bother to look. But everyone pays attention to sounds of destruction—such as breaking glass. A large stack of beer bottles with a trip wire makes a sound that everyone will investigate when it gets tipped over.

    5. So That's The Key!

    Make a record of your key numbers, then file them off the locks if they're stamped on. Anyone with a number can have a key cut to fit.

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